2011 General Assembly Testimony/Positions

House Bill 1001 – Transportation Trust Fund – Financing – Use of Funds

Support with Amendments

The Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, as the voice of Montgomery County business, supports HB 1001, which includes both significant new revenues for transportation, as well as protection of the trust fund.

The need for new revenues for transportation is not a new challenge, but it is becoming a more urgent one.  As we constantly compete in this global economy, those of us in Montgomery County don’t have to look very far to see how the competition is advancing.  Tysons Corner, already a hotbed of commercial activity, will have four transit stops along the Silver Line.  Access to Dulles airport will be made easier than ever before, and additional high occupancy toll lanes on the Virginia side of the beltway will create an even larger back up as cars try to return home to Maryland each day.  This competition simply cannot be ignored. 

In order to move Maryland forward and make this an attractive location for businesses of all sizes, we need to make a real commitment to transportation.  This must mean both increasing our revenues and protecting the trust fund in order to ensure that money dedicated to transportation is spent on transportation. 

In addition to the revenues raised through this legislation, we urge the legislature to consider restoring the $100 million in revenues that the Governor has transferred to the general fund from the trust fund in this budget. By restoring this $100 million, it will demonstrate the level of commitment of this legislature to our current and future infrastructure.

As an amendment to this bill, we request that the constitutional amendment proceed in a separate bill.  For these reasons, we request afavorable report with amendments on HB 1001. 

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