Membership Testimonials



Terry KennyTerry Kenny, TD Bank
Who needs a headhunter when you are a member of the MCCC Board of Directors!
My colleagues on the MCCC Board are an incredible network with valuable connections that are a real asset- sometimes in ways you would never imagine.  So here’s my story: 
We all know how hard it is to find great hires.

I was talking to fellow board member, Chris Mann, of Morgan Franklin.  Chris was telling me about how one of his colleagues was getting married to someone from Chicago. His problem: the colleague’s future spouse needed to find a job here.  It turned out that the future spouse had a background that I was looking to hire.  I interviewed and hired the future spouse! Best decision ever!  And it all came about because I had a relationship and a conversation with a fellow MCCC Board member.
And this is why I value the Chamber.  I trust the Chamber’s Team to worry about and solve advocacy problems. But I rely on them to develop and expand my network so that I can help others and also find the solutions and help I need.  It is about relationships!  Thank you, MCCC!

Annice CodyAnnice Cody, Holy Cross Health
Through Chamber events, I’ve met many people who I wouldn’t ordinarily connect with given my role in community based activities at Holy Cross, this broadening of network is good infrastructure development.  Also, through seeing people who I already had a connection with on a more regular basis, I’ve been able to deepen those relationships.

Pam MazzaPam Mazza, PilieroMazza PLLC
I have met many clients & potential clients (veteran owned businesses) through VIP and GovConNet and strengthened relationships with the Council.   New clients through the Chamber obviously increases the firm’s revenue base.  More important – the Chamber GovConNet Council has rallied to help on important issues for the small businesses, and the GovConNet community – Getting the word out on rulemakings, urging members to file comments, etc…

Greg KnoopGregory Knoop, NIKA
I met Gigi shortly after she became President. We discussed Green advocacy and eventually worked together on Green Business policy and establishing Green Business Forums. The result is improving and progressing sustainability promoted from the business side.


Mike Priddy

Michael Priddy, Intervise
Through serving on the Board, I have connected with other business leaders, one of whom needed system and database support for a new contract. I shared Information about best practices and loaned her an expert for a day to help guide potential solutions. As it turns out, they brought us on in a more formal capacity. 


Gus Bauman

Gus Bauman, Beveridge & Diamond- Law Firm
A major developer was in a high risk land use process with county government & regional planning agency. The developer was introduced to me at the Chamber & retained me to guide them through governmental, political & community land mines & quick sand. The ambitious project was approved by the County Executive branch, County Council, County planning agency.


Larry Duncan

Larry Duncan, Lockheed Martin
The Chamber leadership, Gigi Godwin, provided invaluable advice on a vexing local tax issue that discriminated against our corporation’s training facility because it had lodging accommodations for executives-taxing it like a hotel. Gig’s advice helped us to save millions of dollars in taxes – she said that our entire campaign should say one thing about our facility – “It’s not a hotel.”  We effectively used Gigi’s tagline as part of an advocacy campaign in Annapolis that led to the introduction and passage of legislation that preempted the ability of the county to tax our corporate training facility like a hotel - a rare victory that cut taxes in Maryland.

Stewart EdelsteinStewart Edelstein, Universities at Shady Grove
Our involvement at MCCC has led to better understanding of alignment, advocacy opportunity for partnership, Board leads, strengthened our messaging and programming in funding the interest of business and economic development, educating a talent for current and future youth of the county.


Lexy Kessler

Lexy Kessler, Aronson LLC
The opportunity to help with legislation that has a positive impact for our clients results in us being an advocate for them.

Kenny King

Kenneth King, The Ezra Company
As a Montgomery County resident and a business person, I felt the Chamber was a good way to support the county and joined at the invitation of a board member.  My organization has been benefited through the contacts and policies I have been exposed to. As a realtor I represented the Chamber directly and have worked with other members in helping develop a strategic Real Estate Plan. I was honored to receive the Chairman’s Award for my contribution to the Chamber.