The MCCC Government Contracting Network (GovConNet) is designed to support Maryland and Greater Washington Region-based government contractors.

The MCCC GovConNet mission is "To promote the economic impact of the federal government presence and to advocate on behalf of the contracting community for business opportunities."

GovConNet Council 

The GovConNet Council is comprised of Government Contracting industry experts who develop GovConNet programs and provide industry specific advocacy. The Council advises the MCCC Board of Directors on its government contracting initiatives. Click here to see the GovConNet Council members.

Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce Rolls out Midsize Initiative Advocacy Priorities

MCCC released its Midsize Initiative: Building Growth Beyond Small. The initiative recommends three initial steps to address the challenges midsize companies face with respect to federal contracting. As small companies become larger and more successful, many contracts are out of reach because businesses with more than $38.5 million in revenue must compete with the largest businesses with over $500 million in revenue.  

According to the Bloomberg Government study, “The Mid-Tier Paradox:  Too Small To Compete, Too Large to Survive,” despite some mid-tier successes and seemingly strong performance data, evidence is emerging that certain government acquisition practices may lead mid-size company growth to slow or stall, causing the observed drop in average revenues.  

Click here to see 2017 MCCC GovConNet MidSize Initiative.

Read about September 7, 2017 event hosted at Bloomberg Government Expanding Opportunities for Mid-Size Contractors: White Paper


Key Programs

Business EXCELerator 

The MCCC Business EXCELerator series is an exclusive member benefit that provides MCCC government contractors and small businesses with information, resources, and relationships to accelerate success in the private sector and federal market place.

GovConNet Institute 

The MCCC GovConNet Institute provides 6 three-hour sessions of advanced training to federal government contractors in the transitional stage. Instructors include industry experts that share real world tools and knowledge needed to succeed at the next level and increase owner value. The subject matter is geared for winning and profitably maintaining federal government contracts in the LPTA environment. 

Government Contracting Forum 

MCCC GovConNet designs forums featuring prominent keynote speakers and panelists who provide insight and intelligence on market trends and emerging policy changes in doing business with the federal government. Events include “The Changing Landscape in the Government Services Market” on Feb. 25 and special presentations as they arise. 

MCCC GovConNet Procurement Conference

MCCC GovConNet Procurement Conference gives over 800 attendees the unique opportunity to gain valuable insights and meet directly with key purchasing agents from a variety of prime contractors and federal, state, and local government agencies.

On-sites Agency Visits 

MCCC GovConNet facilitates on-site agency visits for government contractors to receive detailed information regarding a targeted agency’s key strategic direction, challenges, and resources as presented by agency heads, chief information officers, and small business directors. Presenters remain available for one-on-one networking with participants, as well as networking contractors and subcontractors. Host agencies include FDA, NCI, NIST, and NRC. 


Government Contracting Information

Business to Government Resources 

Looking for new business opportunities? From lawn services to computer equipment, the government (local, state and federal) buys everything. These resources can assist you in identifying and pursuing new opportunities to do business with the government.