Past Awardees - Public Safety Awards


Public Safety Government Partner of the Year

R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center at the University of Maryland Medical Center (2011)

Maryland State Police Aviation Command (2012)

United States Marshals Service Capital Area Regional Fugitive Task Force and the District of Maryland United States Marshal Johnny L. Hughes (2013)

United States Department of Homeland Security (2014)

Federal Bureau of Investigation - Baltimore (2015)

National Institute of Standards and Technology (2016)

United States Attorney's Officer for the District of Maryland (2017)

Public Safety Corporate Vital Link

MorphoTrak  (2011)

Northrop Grumman (2012)

Verizon (2013)

Spartan Motors Emergency Response (2014)

Project Lifesaver International (2015)

Lee Development Group (2016)

Intoxalock, LifeSafer, Smart Start (2017)

Public Safety Champion of the Year

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (2017)

Valor Awards


Sgt. Douglas L. McFee (Police) 1978

Firefighter Michael J. Lavelle (Fire) 1986

Officer III Tracy C. Sparshott (Police) 1988

Captain Walter Stottlemyer, Jr. (Fire) 1999

Detective Sergeant R. Scott Kessler (Police) 2001

Master Firefighter William Lucas (Fire) 2004

Police Officer I Kyle Olinger (Police) 2005

Police Officer III Michael Clinton, ret. (Police) 2005

Captain Dale Johnson (Fire) 2007

Detective Donnie Oaks (Police) 2008

Master Firefighter John Klavon (Fire) 2009

Lieutenant Curtis Warfield, Jr. (Fire) 2009

Lieutenant Patrick Mitchell (Fire) 2009

Master Firefighter David Yankey (Fire) 2010

Sergeant Brian Dillman (Police) 2011

Sergeant Brady Clouser (Police) 2011

Corporal Kendrick Stephens (Police) 2011

Police Officer III Robert J. Kamensky (Police) 2011

Police Officer III Steven Browne (Police) 2011

Police Officer III Steven Phelps (Police) 2011

Police Officer III David Reed (Police) 2011

Police Officer III John McGaha (Police) 2011

Police Officer III Edward Clarke (Police) 2011

Police Officer III Eric Mercurio (Police) 2011

Police Officer III Jordan Young (Police) 2011

Sergeant Michael L. Stull (Sheriff) 2011

Lieutenant Don J. Mandeville (Fire) 2011

Lieutenant Laurence A. Seipp (Fire) 2011

Police Officer III Edward E. Paden, Jr. (Police) 2011

Firefighter Gustavo Lavin (Fire) 2012

Firefighter John Trawinski (Fire) 2012

Firefighter Rob Claxton (Fire) 2012

Captain Monte Fitch (Fire) 2012

Captain Rob Rutten (Fire) 2012

Fire Fighter Margaret Stottlemyer (Fire) 2013

Police Officer III Brian Walburn (Police) 2013

Police Officer I William Weill (Police) 2013

Captain Larry Murray (Fire) 2015

Police Officer III Brian Nesbitt (Police) 2016

Police Officer I Cody Fields (Police) 2016


PFC Thomas Dommel (Police) 1975

Admin. Officer L. C. McCutcheon (Fire) 1975

Cpl. Ronald E. Burdette (Police) 1976

Pvt. Michael J. Clinton (Police) 1976

Pvt. Stephen Lamphier (Fire) 1976

PFC Van Mizell (Police) 1976

Officer Anthony W. Poore (Police) 1977

Lt. Frank H. Neher, Jr. (Fire) 1979

Officer Fred D. Helton (Police) 1980

Officer III Joseph G. Roberts (Police) 1982

Officer III Timothy Uhal (Police) 1982

Officer III Earl L. Brown (Police) 1984

Sgt. Thomas C. Brown (Fire) 1984

Officer III Jerome Carter (Police) 1985

Officer III Tracy C. Sparshott (Police) 1986

Technician John L. Nichols (Fire) 1986

Master Officer Joseph R. Hock, Jr. (Police) 1986

Firefighter Norman C. Haugen (Fire) 1986

Officer I David R. Thomas (Police) 1987

Firefighter Joseph D. Wilson (Fire) 1988

Sgt. Michael J. Lavelle (Fire) 1989

Officer III Leland A. Baughman, Jr. (Police) 1989

Sgt. Gregory B. Ruff (Fire) 1989

Master Officer Robert L. Reed (Police) 1990

Master Firefighter Russel C. Olden (Fire) 1990

Firefighter/Rescuer III James Wesley Graham (Fire) 1991

Lt. Timothy Thorne (Fire) 1991

Firefighter/Rescuer III James May (Fire) 1992

Officer III Brian D. Kane (Police) 1993

Officer III Christopher T. Orsborne (Police) 1993

Firefighter/Rescuer III Mark Hopkins (Fire) 1994

Firefighter/Rescuer III Warren P. Stevens, Jr. (Fire) 1995

Firefighter/Rescuer II Keith Dominick (Fire) 1995

Firefighter/Rescuer II Kenneth Viands (Fire) 1995

Firefighter/Rescuer II James Hanson (Fire) 1995

Officer III Johnathan P. Green (Police) 1996

Sergeant William Richards (Fire) 1996

Master Firefighter/Rescuer Nelson Irey (Fire) 1996

Firefighter/Rescuer Douglas Carranza (Fire) 1996

Firefighter/Rescuer III Tracy Coleman (Fire) 1998

Officer III Miguel A. Delacruz (Police) 1998

Officer III Charles L. Drengwitz (Police) 1998

Officer III Peter L. Worden (Police) 1998

Officer II Eric J. Harrell (Police) 1998

Officer I Michael L. Kane (Police) 1998

Officer I Luigi G. Mondini (Police) 1998

Firefighter III Andrew Keller (Fire) 1999

Deputy Chief Frank Gaegler (Fire) 1999

Officer I Valentine Schiller (Police) 2000

Officer I Peter Sheng (Police) 2000

Officer III Stephen Matthews (Police) 2000

Officer III Curtis Jacobs (Police) 2000

Firefighter/Rescuer III Kevin Blair (Fire) 2002

Sergeant Antonio DeVaul (Police) 2002

Police Officer II John Sleboda (Police) 2002

Police Officer III Matthew Domer (Police) 2002

Police Officer III Troy W. Smallwood (Police) 2002

Police Officer II Bradley Schmidt (Police) 2002

Firefighter/Rescuer Samuel Villani (Fire) 2002

Captain Jake Bise (Park Police) 2003

Officer III Laurie L. Ellard (Police) 2003

Firefighter III Tori Esters (Fire) 2003

Firefighter/Paramedic Brian Moreau (Fire) 2003

Master Firefighter James Pollard (Fire) 2003

Firefighter/Paramedic Doug Staley (Fire) 2003

Firefighter/Paramedic Donald Yingling (Fire) 2003

Firefighter III Eric Fessenden (Fire) 2004

Park Police Officer Steven Lytwynec (Park Police) 2004

Firefighter II Michael Miller (Fire) 2004

Police Officer III Valentine Schiller (Police) 2004

Police Officer III Barbara Waldecker (Police) 2004

Master Firefighter Stephen Battdorff (Fire) 2005

Master Firefighter Cliff  Billingslea (Fire) 2005

Corporal John S. Cameron (Police) 2005

Police Officer II John A. Chabala (Police) 2005

Police Officer III Mark R. Gribble (Police) 2005

Firefighter Tiffany Hein (Fire) 2005

Police Officer I Robert Michael Onorio (Police) 2005

Police Officer I Michael P. Power (Police) 2005

Police Officer III Daniel L. Riddle (Police) 2005

Lieutenant Kirk Risinger (Fire) 2005

Police Officer I David S. Tallant (Police) 2005

Master Firefighter Jason Vogt (Fire) 2005

Lieutenant Jeremy Wade (Fire) 2005

Firefighter Paramedic Amy Dant (Fire) 2006

Corporal Eric Harrell (Police) 2006

Police Officer I George Witherington (Police) 2006

Police Officer II William P. Powell (Police) 2006

Police Officer I Abigail Gaines (Police) 2006

Park Police Officer Alfredo Laporte (Park Police) 2006

Police Officer I Paul Craine (Police) 2007

Master Firefighter John Harding (Fire) 2007

Master Firefighter Michael Luke (Fire) 2007

Captain Evers Trice (Fire) 2007

Detective Gregory Ryan (Police) 2008

Police Officer I Thomas J. Bomba (Police) 2008

Police Officer III Michael L. Kane (Police) 2008

Volunteer Master Firefighter Stephen R. Cox (Fire) 2008

Captain Kimonti Oglesby (Fire) 2009

Lieutenant William Phelps, Jr. (Fire) 2009

Police Officer III Kevin B. Reese (Police) 2010

Police Officer III Robert Ulisney (Police) 2010

Police Officer III Ian Clark (Police) 2010

Lieutenant Scott Buchholz (Fire) 2011

Master Firefighter/Paramedic Benjamin Horseman (Fire) 2011

Firefighter III Keith Gilbert (Fire) 2011

Firefighter III Timothy L. Anderson (Fire) 2011

Captain Derrick S. Anthony (Fire) 2011

Police Officer III Steven Kuzniewski (Police) 2012

Police Officer III Catherine Birk (Police) 2012

Master Firefighter James Cruzan (Fire) 2012

Police Officer II Richard Reynolds (Police) 2012

Police Officer III Eric Hammelton (Police) 2012

Firefighter Anthony Veith (Fire) 2012

Master Firefighter/Rescuer Chad Pollard (Fire) 2012

Firefighter/Rescuer Peter Gillis (Fire) 2012

Captain Joseph “Andrew” Bell (Fire) 2013

Master Fire Fighter Darren Federroll (Fire) 2013

Master Fire Fighter Robert James, III (Fire) 2013

Master Fire Fighter Steven Wiseman (Fire) 2013

Fire Fighter Sean Carroll (Fire) 2013

Sergeant James Rudnick (Police) 2013

Police Officer III Matthew Majkrzak (Police) 2013

Police Officer III Douglas Miller (Police) 2013

Police Officer III Matthew Weidner (Police) 2013

Police Officer III Gregory Woodman (Police) 2013

Police Officer II Colin O’Brien (Police) 2013

Sergeant Daniel Hendrick (Sheriff) 2013

Deputy Sheriff III Paul Fitzpatrick (Sheriff) 2013

Police Officer III Brian Nesbitt (Police) 2014

Police Officer I Bassel Ified (Police) 2014

Police Officer III Steven Browne (Police) 2014

Fire Fighter Rescuer III William Mcginn (Fire) 2015

Master Fire Fighter Rescuer David Shaklan (Fire) 2015

Captain Walter U. Stottlemyer (Fire) 2015

Fire Fighter Rescuer III Anthony J. Veith (Fire) 2015

Detective Mario Mastrangelo (Police) 2015

Police Officer II Andrew Bock (Police) 2016

Lieutenant Shibu Philipose (Park Poilce) 2016

Corporal Johnny Beason (Park Police) 2017

Police Officer III Jeffrey Hughes (2017)


Private Michael P. Abel (Fire) 1975

Sergeant John Hardy (Fire) 1975

PFC Van Mizell (Police) 1975

Private Charles R. Parrish  [Posthumous] (Fire) 1975

Technician David L. Brown (Fire) 1976

PFC Steve P. Hall (Police) 1976

Pvt. Matthew Kelleher (Fire) 1976

Cpl. Herman Lamberger, Jr. (Police) 1976

Pvt. Wilson Troxell (Fire) 1976

Officer Stephen T. King (Police) 1977

Officer John A. Malinowski (Police) 1977

Sgt. Roger J. Reed (Fire) 1977

Pvt. Kenith A. Taylor (Fire) 1978

Pvt. Ernest M. Williams (Police) 1978

Pvt. William D. Talbert (Police) 1979

Pvt. Tim Thorne (Fire) 1979

Lt. James Kenneth Franke, Jr. (Fire) 1980

Lt. Frank E. Bollinger (Fire) 1981

Lt. Michael R. Clemens (Fire) 1981

Officer Stephen C. Lansing (Police) 1981

Officer III John A. Porter (Police) 1982

Sgt. Owen J. Lennon, Jr. (Police) 1982

Officer II James P. Leasure (Police) 1982

Officer III Bruce D. Werts (Police) 1982

Sgt. Thomas Campbell (Fire) 1982

Asst. Chief Michael Bobrow (Fire) 1982

Technician Jack E. Jarnagin (Fire) 1982

Sgt. Joseph M. Conrad (Fire) 1983

Sgt. Douglas H. Hynson (Fire) 1983

Sgt. John F. Kraft (Fire) 1983

Sgt. Charles E. Lake (Police) 1983

Officer III Robert T. Weikel (Police) 1983

Sgt. Mitchell L. Molenof (Fire) 1984

Officer III Craig M. Dietz (Police) 1984

Firefighter Scott F. Dodson (Fire) 1985

Officer III Roger L. Thomson (Police) 1985

Firefighter Carl P. Schatz (Fire) 1985

Asst. Chief Lawrence J. Gaddis (Fire) 1986

Sgt. Thomas J. Moore (Police) 1986

Officer III Andrew J. Dawson (Police) 1986

Officer II Roy C. Russell (Police) 1986

Firefighter Antonio I. Rankin (Fire) 1987

Sgt. Elvin L. Burdette (Fire) 1987

Officer III Danny L. Kessell (Police) 1987

Officer III Norman W. Brissett (Police) 1988

Firefighter Mark E. McKenzie (Fire) 1988

Firefighter John S. Lyon, Jr. (Fire) 1988

Officer III Martin C. Troublefield (Police) 1988

Sgt. Wayne M. Fryer (Police) 1988

Officer III Alfred L. Poole (Police) 1988

Officer III Martin C. Troublefield (Police) 1989

Officer III Thomas A. Wass (Police) 1989

Firefighter/Rescuer III John P. Malloy (Fire) 1989

Master Firefighter/Rescuer Steven L. Wiseman (Fire) 1989

Officer III Charles R. Cornett (Police) 1989

Sgt. Edward A. Clarke (Police) 1990

Officer I Evan E. Thompson (Police) 1990

Officer III Ronald D. Wilson (Police) 1990

Master Firefighter Theron Held (Fire) 1990

Master Firefighter Thomas Williams (Fire) 1990

Firefighter III Tireray Station (Fire) 1990

Firefighter II Clark Oliver (Fire) 1990

Firefighter Anna Niblack (Fire) 1990

Master Officer James A. Kranking (Police) 1990

Officer III Louise R. Marthens (Police) 1990

Officer III Paul T. Barker (Police) 1990

Officer III Kevin E. Pugh (Police) 1991

Lt. Roger J. Reed (Fire) 1991

Firefighter/Rescuer II Jeremy Philip Gruber (Fire) 1991

Sgt. Laurence Seipp (Fire) 1992

Firefighter/Rescuer II Jonas R. Rudzki (Fire) 1992

Master Officer Patricia Walker (Police) 1992

Officer III Susan S. Calder (Police) 1992

Officer II Laura E. Knouse (Police) 1992

Sgt. William Michael Collins (Fire) 1992

Sgt. Steve P. Hall (Police) 1993

Officer III John R. Howard (Police) 1993

Officer III David R. Thomas (Police) 1993

Firefighter/Rescuer II James Gross (Fire) 1993

Sgt. Nelson Irey (Fire) 1993

Sgt. Chris Kaufman (Fire) 1993

Officer III Elizabeth Cornett (Police) 1994

Lt. David Moltrup (Fire) 1994

Officer III Ronald C. Strohecker (Police) 1995

Captain Brian Geraci (Fire) 1995

Officer III Howard L. Weisman (Police) 1995

Firefighter/Rescuer Tory Esters (Fire) 1995

Officer III Sharon S. Burke (Police) 1995

Officer I Beverly A. Lafleur (Police) 1996

Master Firefighter/Rescuer Ira Gold (Fire) 1996

Firefighter/Rescuer Michael Glazier (Fire) 1997

Officer III William F. Sage (Police) 1997

Lieutenant Erik Stromberg (Fire) 1997

Firefighter/Rescuer III Thomas Nieman (Fire) 1997

Master Firefighter/Rescuer Robert Holmes (Fire) 1998

Master Firefighter/Rescuer Jeffrey Hearle (Fire) 1998

Firefighter/Rescuer III Matthew Danaher (Fire) 1998

Corporal Evan E. Thompson (Police) 1998

Lieutenant Steven Miles (Fire) 1999

Firefighter III/Paramedic Bernardo Gomez-Kling (Fire) 1999

Master Firefighter/Rescuer Mark McKenzie (Fire) 1999

Officer III Michael A. Spells (Police) 1999

Officer III Claude W. Olney (Police) 2000

Officer III Brian C. Dillman (Police) 2000

Lieutenant David Irvine (Fire) 2000

Firefighter/Paramedic III Sherry Hohl (Fire) 2000

Firefighter/Rescuer III Ernest Farkas (Fire) 2000

Firefighter/Rescuer III Jodi Nightengale (Fire) 2000

Sergeant Dom Fazio (Police) 2000

Deputy Brian Parker (Sheriff) 2001

Firefighter Rescuer II Sean Sandifer (Fire) 2001

Police Sergeant Mitchell E. Hollis (Police) 2001

Master Firefighter Monte Fitch (Fire) 2002

Firefighter/Rescuer Jon Berry (Fire) 2002

Firefighter/Rescuer John Ferguson IV (Fire) 2002

Police Corporal William Hill (Police) 2002

Police Officer III Thomas Dolan (Police) 2002

Police Officer III Fernando J. Martinez (Police) 2002

Master Firefighter David Barcenas (Fire) 2003

Deputy Sheriff III Amanda Boyer (Sheriff) 2003

Captain Maurice Witt (Fire) 2003

Officer Justin Andrews (Park Police) 2004

Commander Mitch Cunningham (Police) 2004

Police Officer II Megan Eaton (Police) 2004

Master Firefighter Keith Golden (Fire) 2004

Firefighter David Flowers (Fire) 2004

Firefighter Pedro Meneses (Fire) 2004

Captain Bob Hough (Fire) 2004

Captain Russell Slaton (Fire) 2004

Lieutenant Derrell Walker (Fire) 2004

Master Firefighter Thomas Cleveland (Fire) 2004

Master Firefighter Henry Kumm (Fire) 2004

Master Firefighter Frank Leizear (Fire) 2004

Master Fireghter Lawrence Simmons (Fire) 2004

Firefighter David Devour (Fire) 2004

Firefighter Brian Duffer (Fire) 2004

Firefighter Steve Hobson (Fire) 2004

Firefighter James Lanham (Fire) 2004

Firefighter William Olin (Fire) 2004

Firefighter Donald Simmons (Fire) 2004

Deputy Sheriff III Edward Maldonado (Sheriff) 2004

Police Officer III Shaun Santos (Police) 2004

Lieutenant Lisa Vasco (Park) 2004

Sergeant Robert Mehl (Park) 2004

Police Officer III Paulo R. Bonturi (Police) 2005

Police Officer II John A. Distil (Police) 2005

Police Officer II Levon Ellian (Police) 2005

Police Officer I Tariq Hall (Police) 2005

Sergeant Paul Liquorie (Police) 2005

Lieutenant Larry Lofland (Fire) 2005

Firefighter Jason Allen (Fire) 2006

Firefighter II Eric Bernard (Fire) 2006

Park Police Officer IV Thai Giang (Park) 2006

Sergeant Cathleen Lapsley (Police) 2006

Deputy Sheriff III Jack Lee (Sheriff) 2006

Police Officer III David Magnelli (Police) 2006

Park Police Officer IV Heather McLaughlin (Park Police) 2006

Police Officer I Brandon Pellecchia (Police) 2006

Deputy Sheriff III Shane Scott (Sheriff) 2006

Park Police Officer IV Gregory Worsey (Park Police) 2006

Police Officer I Michael Yu (Police) 2006

Firefighter II Joshua DeVries (Fire) 2007

Lieutenant Peter Dugan (Fire) 2007

Police Officer II Michael Power (Police) 2007

Firefighter III Nicholas B. Ruiz (Fire) 2007

Lieutenant James Summers (Fire) 2007

Master Firefighter Marc Wilson (Fire) 2007

Sergeant Marc Yamada (Police) 2008

Volunteer Firefighter David Calloway (Fire) 2008

Lieutenant Paul Neal (Fire) 2008

Volunteer Firefighter Bert Oudshoorn (Fire) 2008

Firefighter Joseph Elias Perez (Fire) 2008

Volunteer Firefighter Adam St. John (Fire) 2008

Police Officer II Kwang S. Suh (Police) 2008

Program Specialist II Maureen T. Walter (Police) 2008

Firefighter Paramedic Bradley D. Wilt (Fire) 2008

Firefighter/Rescuer III Steven M. Dodson (Fire) 2008

Police Officer III Kevin B. Reese (Police) 2008

Police Officer III Jennifer N. Powell (Police) 2008

Police Officer I Julee A. Jarrett  (Police) 2008

Firefighter Jody Sealey (Fire) 2009

Firefighter I Ryan Bailey (Fire) 2009

Firefighter III Anthony Bell (Fire) 2009

Captain Frank Doyle (Fire) 2009

Firefighter III John Dunlavey (Fire) 2009

Master Firefighter Henry Kumm (Fire) 2009

Civilian Pilot II, Jim MacKay (Police) 2009

Sergeant/Flight Paramedic Nathan H. Wheelock (Police) 2009

Police Officer II Jeffrey Bunge (Police) 2009

Police Officer I Jared Maurer (Police) 2009

Police Officer I Matthew Price (Police) 2009

Firefighter Drew Knight (Fire) 2009

Sergeant Robin Lewis (Sheriff) 2010

Police Officer III Jonathan Raimondi (Police) 2010

Captain Michael T. Redding (Fire) 2011

Lieutenant Joel Shackett (Fire) 2011

Lieutenant William Olin (Fire) 2011

Lieutenant Tim Ferguson (Fire) 2011

Lieutenant Matthew Trivett (Fire) 2011

Captain Curtis L. Poole (Fire) 2011

Firefighter III Wister T. Bryant (Fire) 2011

Firefighter PM III William Shadle (Fire) 2011

Firefighter II Alexander Rivas (Fire) 2011

Sergeant Lawrence Nyce (Police) 2011

Sergeant Eugene Curtis (Fire) 2011

Corporal Raymond Bennett (Police) 2011

Police Officer III Robert Ulisney (Police) 2011

Police Officer III Gregory Ryan (Police) 2011

Police Officer III Abraham Groveman (Police) 2011

Police Officer III Wayne Hoyt (Police) 2011

Police Officer III Adam Taylor (Police) 2011

Police Officer III Todd Stevens (Police) 2011

Sergeant Sean Mullican (Sheriff) 2011

Sergeant Mark Collins (Sheriff) 2011

DS III Randolph Dolliver (Sheriff) 2011

Police Officer III John L. Wilkes (Police) 2011

Police Officer III Gregory Woodman (Police) 2012

Lieutenant Thomas Cleveland (Police) 2012

Firefighter/Rescuer Stephen Dolan (Fire) 2012

Captain Joseph Bell (Fire) 2012

Master Fire Fighter Christopher Reilly (Fire) 2013

Master Fire Fighter Michael Ryman (Fire) 2013

Master Fire Fighter Steven Wiseman (Fire) 2013

Police Officer III Stanley Barsch (Police) 2013

Police Officer III Paul Borja (Police) 2013

Police Officer III Roslyn Mills (Police) 2013

Police Officer III Dale Anonsen (Police) 2014

Police Officer III Brendan Hopkins (Police) 2014

Officer Derrick Williams (Police) 2014

Police Officer III William Morrison (Police) 2014

Police Officer I Alan Yuill (Police) 2015

Police Officer I Ryan Grzybowski (Police) 2015

Police Officer III Nathan Kane (Police) 2016

Master Fire Fighter/Rescuer Timothy Beatty (Fire) 2016

Police Officer III David Kocevar (Police) 2017

Sergeant Brady Clouser (Police) 2017

Corporal Jeffrey Rachael (Police) 2017

Detective Donnie Oaks (Police) 2017

Detective Kenneth Halter (Police) 2017

Detective Roger St. Louis (Police) 2017

Detective Thomas Tippett (Police) 2017

Detective Richard Volpe (Police) 2017

Detective Charles Bullock (Police) 2017

Detective Dominic Dinisio (Police) 2017

Fire Fighter Rescuer III David Braun (Fire) 2017

Honorable Mention

Technician Ronald E. McGrew (Fire) 1987

Police Office III Norman W. Brissett (Police) 1987

Police Officer I John M. Cunningham (Police) 1987

Police Officer John L. Wilks (Police) 1987

Police Office I Robert T. Faass (Police) 1987

Police Officer III Ralph Penn, Jr. (Police) 1987

Sergeant Wayne E. Cleveland (Police) 1987

Master Firefighter Rescuer Eugene P. Butler (Fire) 1989

Master Firefighter Rescuer Joseph J. Villella (Fire) 1989

Master Firefighter Rescuer Robert J. Corazza (Fire) 1989

Firefighter Rescuer Andrea B. Hugher (Fire) 1989

Police Officer III Harold T. Cenney (Police) 1989

Police Officer III John F. Salb (Police) 1989

Firefighter Rescuer I Raymond Curtis (Fire) 1989

Firefighter Rescuer III Joel Knoffmacher (Fire) 1989

Firefighter Rescuer III Douglas E. Lechlider (Fire) 1989

Police Officer III James M. Daly (Police) 1989

Master Firefighter Rescuer Edgar N. Hall (Fire) 1989

Sergeant John T. Ridgely (Fire) 1990

Sergeant George H. Bransom (Police) 1990

Police Officer III Darrell L. Ferdock (Police) 1990

Police Officer II William E. Condron (Police) 1990

Firefighter Rescuer III Terri Griffin (Fire) 1990

Master Police Officer Barbara L. Carroll (Police) 1990

Master Police Officer III Betsy L. Davis (Police) 1990

Sergeant James O. Logan (Police) 1990

Firefighter Rescuer II Mary J. Rollen (Fire) 1990

Lieutenant Stanley Tetlow (Fire) 1990

Sergeant Paul D. Catherwood (Police) 1990

Police Officer II Allan W. Keer (Police) 1991

Police Officer II Deborah A. Bernick (Police) 1991

Master Firefighter Rescuer James A. Herrmann (Fire) 1991

Master Police Officer Nicholas C. DeCarlo (Police) 1991

Police Officer III Jacques R. Cowan (Police) 1991

Police Officer III Henry L. Waters (Police) 1991

Police Officer III Daniel C. Hardy (Police) 1991

Police Officer III Charles E. Welch (Police) ` 1991

Lieutenant Erick S. Gaull (Fire) 1991

Firefighter Rescuer III Dean Thews (Fire) 1991

Police Officer III Paul H. Sterling, Jr. (Police) 1991

Police Officer III John R. Sauriol (Police) 1991

Police Officer II James A. Cibula (Police) 1991

Sergeant Richard C. Sweet (Police) 1993

Corporal Gordon E. Williams (Police) 1993

Police Officer III Diane E. McCarthy (Police) 1993

Police Officer III Thomas P. Reich (Police) 1993

Police Officer Jody Davenport (Police) 1993

Firefighter Rescuer II Samer Razick (Fire) 1993

Police Officer III Fernando J. Martinez (Police) 1993

Detective Dave R. Senires (Police) 2001

Detective Corporal Stephen R. Auger (Police) 2001

Detective Daniel J. Fitzgerald (Police) 2001

Police Officer III Elizabeth P. Cornett (Police) 2001

Police Officer III Paul T. Bandholz (Police) 2001

Police Officer III Patrick J. Bragdon (Police) 2001

Captain Michael Darwick (Fire) 2001

Deputy James Baxter (Sheriff) 2002

Deputy Daniel Hendrick (Sheriff) 2002

Sergeant William Collins (Police) 2002

Firefighter III/Paramedic Scott Doyle (Fire) 2002

Police Office III Jonathan Hamburg (Police) 2002

Police Officer III Mark Hayden (Police) 2002

Police Officer II Robert Lumsden, Jr. (Police) 2002

Master Firefighter David Rager (Fire) 2002

Lieutenant Derrick Anthony (Fire) 2003

Officer III John P. McGaha (Police) 2003

Captain Curtis Poole (Fire) 2003

Master Firefighter Michael Rabaiotti (Fire) 2003

Officer III Dominick Raysick (Police) 2003

District Chief Rusty Rothenhoefer (Fire) 2003

Master Firefighter Barry Smith (Fire) 2003

Master Firefighter Richard Triplett (Fire) 2003

Detective Gary Turner (Police) 2003

Firefighter III Kenneth Viands (Fire) 2003

Master Firefighter Thomas Cleveland (Fire) 2004

 Firefighter/Paramedic William Phelps (Fire) 2004

Police Officer III Kenneth Elston (Police) 2004

Police Officer III Chris Ivey (Police) 2004

Police Officer III Gabriel Mendez (Police) 2004

Police Officer III Diane Quinn (Police) 2004

Police Officer II Scott Wheat (Police) 2004

Police Officer III Thomas Tippett (Police) 2004

Police Officer III Todd W. Bond (Police) 2005

Police Officer I Paris Capalupo (Police) 2005

Police Officer IV Keith Gentry (Park Police) 2005

Police Officer III Jackie L. Fells (Police) 2005

Police Officer II Sean Pierce (Police) 2005

Police Officer I Jonathan Raimondi (Police) 2005

Police Corporal Lawrence M. Rotter (Park Police) 2005

Police Officer I David Scanlon (Police) 2005

Police Officer III David L. Shavell (Police) 2005

Police Officer II Steven Smugeresky (Police) 2005

Deputy Sheriff III Kevin Stultz (Sheriff) 2005

Police Officer IV Gregory Worsey (Park Police) 2005

Firefighter Jaymie Birney (Fire) 2006

Police Officer III Robin A. Hawkins (Police) 2006

Captain Alan Keyser (Fire) 2006

Firefighter Recruit Jason Smith (Fire) 2006

Master Firefighter Wayne Koonts (Fire) 2006

Firefighter III Walter Balma (Fire) 2007

Police Officer III John Binnix (Police) 2007

Police Officer III Joseph Cencula (Police) 2007

Police Officer III Matthew Dove (Police) 2007

Sergeant William Hill (Police) 2007

Police Officer III Curtis Jacobs (Police) 2007

Firefighter III Brian M. Kane (Fire) 2007

Firefighter Jeffrey Kuhns (Fire) 2007

Police Officer I David Marshall (Police) 2007

K-9 Andy (Police) 2007

Police Officer III Nicholas Picerno (Police) 2007

Police Officer II Michael Phillips (Police) 2007

Master Firefighter James Randall (Fire) 2007

Police Officer III Shaun Santos (Police) 2007

Police Officer III Joseph Saunders (Police) 2007

Police Officer III Adam Taylor (Police) 2007

Police Officer III Charles Welter (Police) 2007

Police Officer III John Wigmore (Police) 2007

Police Officer II Scott Zimmerman (Police) 2007

Detective Charlie Bullock (Police) 2008

Corporal Jeffery Rachel (Police) 2008

Police Officer III David M. Magnelli (Police) 2008

Volunteer Deputy Chief A. Michael Kelley (Fire) 2008

Captain William Richards (Fire) 2008

Police Officer I Barton P. Hudson (Police) 2008

Firefighter/Rescuer I Enrique Escolero (Fire) 2008

Police Officer III Jason K. Straughan (Police) 2008

Police Officer III Paul R. Reese (Police) 2008

Police Officer II Michael E. Cowell (Police) 2008

Police Officer III Jeffrey K. Holmes (Police) 2008

Detective Stephen Matthews (Police) 2008

Police Officer III Alex Miranda (Police) 2009

Firefighter David Kalt (Fire) 2009

Firefighter Sam Martinez (Fire) 2009

Police Officer III Peter Camp (Police) 2009

Police Officer III John Cerny (Police) 2009

Police Officer II Thomas Cioffi, Jr. (Police) 2009

Police Officer II Michael Rodriguez (Police) 2009

Police Officer II Thomas Harrington (Police) 2009

Detective William James Peacock (Police) 2009

Police Officer I William Shorthall (Police) 2009

Police Officer II Stanley F. Barsch (Police) 2010

Police Officer II Brian F. Montes (Police) 2010

Police Officer III Joseph Walker (Police) 2010

Police Officer III Todd Stevens (Police) 2010

Police Officer III Robert Mazzuca (Police) 2010

Captain Thomas Baker (Fire) 2011

EMS Provider I Tesa Baker (Fire) 2011

Police Officer III Ringo Lagos (Police) 2011

Firefighter II Troy L. Brazell (Fire) 2011

Sergeant Matthew Domer (Police) 2011

Sergeant Kevin Parker (Police) 2011

Sergeant Kenneth M. Holt (Police) 2011

Police Officer III Dan Gunn (Police) 2011

Sergeant Raymond Moran (Police) 2011

Sergeant Charles Swinford (Police) 2011

Police Officer III John Greene (Police) 2011

Police Officer III Jason Cokinos (Police) 2011

Police Officer III Brian D. Merryman (Police) 2011

Police Officer II Elizabeth Young-Dunn (Police) 2011

Firefighter Justin Greer (Fire) 2012

Master Firefighter Jeffrey Clements (Fire) 2012

Firefighter Thomas Holt (Fire) 2012

Lieutenant Michael Green (Police) 2013

Master Fire Fighter Steven Dodson (Police) 2013

Fire Fighter Wilson Owens (Fire) 2013

Corporal David Brown (Police) 2013

Police Officer III Kenneth Hahn (Police) 2013

Fire Fighter Rescuer I Victoria Moore (Fire) 2014

Fire Fighter Rescuer III Meghan Quinn (Fire) 2016

Fire Fighter Rescuer II Wyatt Smith (Fire) 2016

Police Officer I John D. Durham (Police) 2016

Sheriff Deputy III Robert Balser (Sheriff) 2016

Sergeant Ray Moran (Police) 2016

Police Officer III Dawn Wenner (Police) 2016

Police Officer III Yves Didier N'Kodia (Police) 2017

Deputy Sheriff III Jason Carew (Sheriff) 2017

Deputy Sheriff II Steven McDonald (Sheriff) 2017

Resident Supervisor II Alicia Jackson (DOCR) 2017

Resident Supervision III Andre Stepp (DOCR) 2017

Sergeant Manual Saponara (Police) 2017

Police Officer Brian Holloway (Police) 2017

Police Officer III Dale Steffen (Police) 2017

Community Service Award

Sgt. Paul W. Mindte (Fire) 1986

Officer III William F. Green (Police) 1986

Paramedic Michael J. Prete (Fire) 1986

Sgt. Wayne E. Cleveland (Police) 1986

Paramedic Austin A. Pirrone (Fire) 1987

Lt. Carl P. Schwarzel (Police) 1988

Captain James E. Jarboe (Fire) 1988

Officer III Karen W. McNally (Police) 1989

Lt. Thomas W. Carr (Fire) 1989

Sgt. Edward A. Clarke (Police) 1990

Sgt. Eugene E. Helbert (Fire) 1990

Master Officer George R. Ludington (Police) 1991

Chief Arthur Marvin Gibbons (Fire) 1991

Firefighter/Rescuer III James Holler (Fire) 1992

Officer Stephen C. Matthews (Police) 1992

Peggy A. Webb (Fire) 1993

Lynn M. Valcourt (Police) 1993

Major James A. Taylor (Police) 1994

Chief David S. Dwyer (Fire) 1994

Officer III Karen W. McNally (Police) 1995

Lt. John A. King (Police) 1996

Chief George T. Hillard (Fire) 1997

Officer III Wayne E. Ferrell (Police) 1997

Sergeant Betsy L. Davis (Police) 1998

Deputy Chief Theodore L. Jarboe (Fire) 1998

District Chief Robert D. Stephan (Fire) 1998

Police Officer III Thomas A. Pecoraro (Police) 1999

Chief Paul H. Sterling, Jr. (Fire) 1999

Mary Marchone (Fire) 2000

Officer III Charles J. Welter (Police) 2000

Corporal Keith Gentry (Police) 2001

Deputy Chief Albert “Micky” Harris (Fire) 2001

Police Officer III George E. Hackey, Jr. (Police) 2001

Kenneth Fisher (Police) 2002

Corporal Alice Hanan (Park Police) 2002

K9 Stryker (Park Police) 2002

Police Officer III William Morrison (Police) 2002

Officer III Paul T. Barker (Police) 2003

Officer IV Mary Carlin (Park Police) 2003

Corporal Wayman Lockhart (Correction and Rehabilitation) 2003

Firefighter Carlos M. Alfaro, Sr. (Fire and Rescue) 2004

Officer Clay Goldston (Park Police) 2004

Captain Joseph A. Mattingly, Jr. (Police) 2004

Correction Specialist II Mary Saxon-Clipper (Correction and Rehabilitation) 2004

Assistant Chief Robert Michael Clemens (Fire) 2005

Ms. Blanca King (Police) 2005

Mr. Hal Bruno (Fire) 2007

Police Officer II Oman Tortolero (Police) 2007

Master Firefighter Donnie Simmons (Fire) 2008

Mr. Robert B. Davis (Police) 2008

Master Firefighter (Retired) Matthew Kelleher (Fire) 2009

Police Officer III Amy Daum (Police) 2009

Chief Douglas Edwards (Fire) 2010

Police Officer III Barbara Natoli (Police) 2012

Chief (Former) Donald FitzGerald (Fire) 2012

Fireman Robert “Bob” Sherman (Fire) 2013

Marcine D. Goodloe (Fire) 2014

Police Officer III George Boyce (Police) 2014

Robert Van Dyke (Correction and Rehabilitation) 2014

Acting Sergeant Keith Gentry (Park Police) 2014

Deputy Sheriff William C. Debley (Sheriff) 2015

Fire and Rescue Chief (Former) John W. Hartley (Fire) 2016

Police Officer I Amber Richard (Police) 2016

Sgt. Sabrina Pirtle (Park Police) 2017

Valor Unit Citations

Montgomery County Urban Search and Rescue Team (Fire) 1996

Montgomery County Department of Police  2003

Montgomery County Department of Police; Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department 2005

Joint Public Safety Task Force of Montgomery County For Hurricane Katrina Relief (Fire, Police, Sheriff) 2006

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Court Security and Transport Team 2007

Montgomery County Department of Correction and Rehabilitation 2007

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service 2009

Maryland State Police Aviation Command 2009

United States Park Police Helicopter – Eagle I  2009

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service [3] 2011

Federal Emergency Management Agency Urban Search and Rescue Maryland Task Force 1 Montgomery County Team (Fire) 2013

Montgomery County Department of Police & Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service - Paramedic Engine 728, 6th District Station Montgomery County Department of Police, Montgomery County Sheriff's Office - 2015

Montgomery County Sheriff's Office - 2016

Maryland-National Capital Park Police Montgomery County Division, Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, Montgomery County Department of Police - 2016

Montgomery County Department of Correction and Rehabilitation Critical Stress Management Team (2017)

Montgomery County Department of Police 3rd District Patrol Officers (2017)

Captain William Cooke, Truck 716; Fire Fighter Rescuer III Enrique Escolero, Truck 716; Fire Fighter Rescuer III David Wakeley, Paramedic Engine 701 (2017)

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