Recap: Commercial Energy Benchmarking Forum - November 6, 2014

Recap: Commercial Energy Benchmarking Introductory Forum

The Commercial Energy Benchmarking Introductory Forum was held on Thursday, November 6 at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre in Rockville. The event was hosted by the Montgomery Branch of the USGBC-NCR, Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection, Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce and the City of Rockville. View the full event at

The event speakers provided an overview of the energy benchmarking legislation, ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager tool, and improving consumer access to utility data. The event also included a panel discussion from commercial real estate and small business owners who discussed their experience with energy benchmarking and its benefits.

Michelle Vigen, Senior Energy Planner, Department of Environmental Protection provided an overview of the legislation. The new energy benchmarking legislation requires owners of certain non-residential buildings in Montgomery County to benchmark (compare one building's energy use against a standard) and report energy usage.  Click here to read the full benchmarking bill.

Manuel Vera, Program Manager, Pepco discussed the action Pepco is taking to improve consumer access to data. The tools Vera recommends that consumers use to gather and manage data include:

  • Interval electricity usage data
  • Smart meters
  • Third party analytics software
  • EPA’s Portfolio Manager

Methods for accessing Pepco usage data include:

  • Green button download
  • Green button connect
  • Chief Energy Officer “CEO” Online
  • Resource Advisor

Leslie Cook, Program Manager, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency discussed EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager as an energy benchmarking tool. It is a free software provided by EPA to help consumers track and manage energy benchmarking data. The program gathers property and energy consumption information, interprets the results and provides a score. Users can use their account to track progress.

Click here to learn more about Portfolio Manager.