Global Trade Initiative

About the Global Trade Initiative (GTI)

An initiative of the United States Department of Commerce, Johns Hopkins University, the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development, the Montgomery County Department of Economic Development, U.S. Small Business Administration, Washington Metropolitan Area District Office and the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, GTI will strengthen and reduce the risk of U.S. business expansion into established and emerging global markets. GTI recognizes that the capabilities and expertise of companies based in Maryland and the Greater Washington Region are uniquely attractive to international outlets and contends that global success strengthens the U.S. and local economy. Since global trade starts with local experience, GTI’s primary objectives are:

  • Engage and educate companies about international commerce opportunities;
  • Provide expertise to advance best business practices and;
  • Advocate for regulatory change to assist U.S. business success in global commerce.

To attain its objectives, a series of four GTI Forums will take place from September 2013 – June 2014 at Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus. Each 2-hour forum begins at 7:30am. The forums offer networking, expert presentations and round table presenter-led discussions.

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