Recaps & Highlights


Tom Marcinko of Aronson LLC Provides Update and Compliance Tips for New Executive Compensation and Subcontract Award Reporting Regulations


MCCC President & CEO Gigi Godwin, GovConNet Committee Co-Chair Lexy Kessler of Aronson LLC, Guest Speaker Larry Davis of Aronson Capital Partners, GovConNet Committee Vice Chair Kwesi Rogers, Guest Speaker Tim Schmitt of Aronson Capital Partners, and MCCC Executive Vice President Barbara Ashe


The Chamber's inaugural GovConNet Committee meeting featured a powerful presentation on Cyber Security by Eric "Rick" Doten, chief scientist for Lockheed Martin's Center for Cyber Security Innovation. In providing a broad overview of the seemingly endless scope of cyber security threats that face governments, businesses and individuals throughout the world, Doten presented the group with a plethora of data and anecdotes, to demonstrate the enormity of the challenges.

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