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Council President Roger Berliner address a joint meeting between the Chamber's Legislative Affairs and Economic Development Committees.


Committee Vice Chair Bill Robertson listens to John Delaney's presenation on Blueprint Maryland


Kenneth Carter, President & CEO of Noble Life Sciences, Inc addresses the Economic Development Committee.


From left to right: Carla Reid, Prince George's County Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for Economic Development and Public Infrastructure, Committee Co-Chair Stewart Edelstein, Executive Director Universities at Shady Grove and Aubrey Thagard, Prince George's County Assistant Deputy Chief Administrative Officers for Economic Development and Public Infrastructure.

May 24, 2011

Dr. Stewart Edelstein, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for the University System of Maryland and Executive Director of The Universities at Shady Grove (USG), will be honored by the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce as the recipient of its 2011 Visionary Award.


Montgomery County is facing another major budget deficit for next year, as the County Council continues to move toward its approval next month of a final Fiscal Year 2012 Operating Budget.


Montgomery County's Director of Health and Human Services, Uma Ahluwalia, was this morning's special guest at the MCCC Economic Development Committee. Noting the importance of the linkage between a vibrant economy and what it means in terms of demand for local health and human services, Ahluwalia noted: "If we don't have a sustainable economic model, we are creating an environment for economic dependency."


Guest speaker Phil Alperson, Montgomery County's BRAC Coordinator (center); joined by MCCC Economic Development Committee Co-Chair Stewart Edelstein of The Universities at Shady Grove, at left; and MCCC Vice President of Public Affairs Lisa Fadden, at right.


Montgomery County is facing a long-term structural budget deficit that will require major, permanent adjustments in order to achieve a balanced operating budget each year. The County’s Office of Legislative Oversight recently presented a two-part report to the County Council that outlines the extent of the challenge and provides a variety of possible solutions, most notably through reductions in “per-employee costs” for employees of all County agencies, especially in areas of compensation related to health care and pension costs.


On Nov. 12, MCCC Economic Development Committee Vice Chair Bill Robertson of Adventist HealthCare, and Co-Chair Stew Edelstein of The Universities at Shady Grove, hosted guest speakers Cathy Riley, Vice President of the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority, and Dick Story, Director of the Howard County Economic Development Authority.  Each guest speaker presented their organization's approach to economic development. 

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