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Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen, Dr. David Blumenthal – the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ national health information technology coordinator – and a panel of top federal government officials and industry experts today addressed the multitude of federal contracting opportunities available to businesses that are well-positioned to capitalize on the rapid growth of the health information technology arena. Speaking at a Montgomery County Chamber of... Read More
Get Access to State Procurement Opportunities Through Small Business Reserve Program Maryland's Small Business Reserve Program requires that 23 State Agencies procure 10% of their goods and services through certified small businesses.  On January 19th, Mary Jo Childs, Procurement Advisor to the Board of Public Works, Greg Bedward, General Counsel to the Board of Public Works, and Sharon Jackson, MBE Compliance and Outreach Director visited the Chamber to talk about the work... Read More
County Council President Valerie Ervin met with MCCC’s Legislative Affairs Committee this morning for the first time since being elected by her peers to lead the Council this year. She addressed how the county and the state are both facing massive structural budget deficits, this year and beyond, and how both fiscal situations are intertwined in various debates over what government services might be cut or what tax and fee increases could be on the table. In a wide-ranging dialogue... Read More
MCCC President & CEO Gigi Godwin, County Council Vice President Roger Berliner, and MCCC Infrastructure and Land Use Vice-Chair Gus Bauman. County Council Vice President Roger Berliner, who is the new chair of the Council’s Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy and Environment Committee (T&E), met with the Chamber’s Infrastructure and Land Use Committee on Jan. 4 to discuss his transportation priorities. Berliner noted that he is going to have the T&E committee... Read More
State Comptroller Peter Franchot met with the MCCC Legislative Affairs Committee on Dec. 17, highlighting what he believes are keys to restoring the strength of the Maryland economy and the state’s revenue picture. He noted his opposition to any new taxes, saying “the economy is too fragile,” and that raising taxes “takes the pressure off spending reform.” Franchot cited the state’s presence of federal facilities as its most unique asset, calling them... Read More
MCCC Small Business Committee Co-Chair Charles Atwell and MCCC President and CEO Gigi Godwin talked this week with the Small Business Committee about the keys to networking.  Godwin said that the most important work that goes into networking is the preparation.  It's helpful to know a little bit about your host or your guests before the event so that you know what hobbies or issues you may have in common.  When coming to one of the Chamber's signature events, she... Read More
Newly inaugurated County Councilmember Hans Riemer visited the Montgomery County Chamber on Tuesday, Dec. 14 to talk transportation issues with the members of the MCCC Infrastructure and Land Use Committee.  Councilmember Riemer was recently appointed to the Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy and Environment committee of the Montgomery County Council, and will play an important role as the County shifts its thinking about how to improve our transportation network with limited public... Read More
The MCCC Legislative Affairs Committee welcomed newly elected freshmen delegates from the Montgomery County House Delegation in Annapolis on Nov. 19, as Legislative Affairs Vice-Chair Tom McElroy, Hughes Communications, and Co-Chair Josh Bokee, Comcast, and MCCC Vice President of Public Affairs Lisa Fadden briefed the new delegates about the Chamber and its legislative advocacy efforts. The new delegates elected on November 2nd include: Eric Luedtke, District 14 Craig Zucker, District... Read More

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