WSSC's Infrastructure Discussion with GM & CEO Jerry Johnson

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March 13, 2012


WSSC General Manager and CEO Jerry Johnson fields questions from the Infrastructure and Land Use Committee

Committee Vice-Chair Gus Bauman took attendance and welcomed the committee. He introduced WSSC General Manager & CEO Jerry Johnson.

Johnson introduced WSSC to the committee by explaining its mission and vision statement. He discussed facts about the WSSC’s history and strategic priorities. WSSC serves nearly 1.8 million people and has approximately 1,600 employees. He spoke about WSSC’s average water production and the way their budget is structured to find improvements for their pipe network.

Johnson focused his presentation on WSSC’s infrastructure needs. WSSC maintains 5,600 miles of pipe in the DC area, which is the distance from Laurel, MD to Los Angeles, CA and back. Of those pipes 26% are over 50 years old and are in the process of being improved or replaced. One of the biggest issues WSSC faces is that their pipes are not uniform. In the past pipes have been constructed differently and less durably than they are today. 

WSSC’s goal is to minimize water-system breaks and failures because of a break's detrimental effect on fire protection, public health, and economic development. WSSC has adopted a number of new technologies that track water main breaks and identify problems with certain pipes, and they have embarked on a long-term capital campaign to fix their aging pipes.

Johnson fielded a number of questions from the committee, many focused on WSSC’s role in the development and land use process in Montgomery County.

To view a copy of Jerry Johnsons presentation, click here.

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