Transit Task Force Chair Reports to I&LU Committee

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May 8, 2012


From left to right: Committee Vice-Chair Gus Bauman, Montgomery County Transit Task Force Chair Mark Winston, MCCC President & CEO Gigi Godwin

Vice-Chair Gus Bauman welcomed the committee and introduced Mark Winston, Chair of the Montgomery County Transit Task Force.

Winston spoke about the "people moving capacity" in Montgomery County and its importance to development and economic development efforts.

The rapid transit network is designed to be 161.5 miles of dedicated lanes on existing roadways in Montgomery County. The system is designed to be built in three phases either over the next nine years or over twenty years. The Transit Task Force supports the nine year build-out.

The attributes of the system include level boarding, dedicated lanes, attractive vehicles, off-board fare collection, and next vehicle information. Winston described the transit task force's expansion of the originally proposed 16-route system designed to accommodate all of the important transit arteries in the County.

Winston spoke about the development in Montgomery County that is tied to transit and how the RTV network will help open opportunities for growth. He spoke about how the DC region is expected to grow by 1 million jobs. He spoke about how the RTV system was key to attracting these new jobs. Additionally this increase in jobs as well as the growing retiring/aging population will also create a further demand for transit.

The total system costs approximately $1.83 billion, $477 million of which is funded by the State of Maryland for the CCT. The operating costs are $1.1 million per mile, which Winston believes overstates the true cost per mile. The Task Force did not make a recommendation for a specific funding scenario, but did endorse a non-discriminatory taxing district between residential and non-residential taxpayers.

The final report will be submitted to the County Executive on May 22nd.


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