Small Business Member Meeting - Think Like A Customer - Bill Lang and Chuck Husak of August, Lang & Husak

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February 20, 2013

Chuck Husak from August, Lang, and Husak addresses the MCCC Small Business Member Meeting

Co-Chair Charles Atwell welcomed MCCC members and introduced the speakers, Bill Lang and Chuck Husak from the advertising firm August, Lang, and Husak, who spoke about marketing and advertising techniques for small businesses.
Bill Lang spoke about advertising, marketing and the work of August, Lang, and Husak.
Chuck Husak spoke about advertising vs. marketing. He spoke about his core principle of "Think like the customer," and to start thinking about how to get your customers to buy something from you rather than you selling to your customer. He gave an example of a Pontiac convertible for sale. Rather than having a "For Sale" sign, the placard simply read, "Are you ready for summer?"
He then discussed, "How do you know what your customers want?" and recommended not asking them. He discussed the difference between asking what they want and conducting a follow up survey. He gave examples of marketing failures that involved asking customers, citing examples like Applebee's.
If you do advertise, you should ask where your audience is and who they are. He said, data-driven campaigns believe it's enough to simply be where customers are. He said a logo is not persuasion, which is an important key to advertising. He recommended that "saying" and "connecting" are too different things.
Husak discussed how McDonalds and Apple understood connecting. McDonalds first slogan was, "You need a break". Apple used, "Computers for the rest of us".
Husak's rules of thumb are, "Be a thought leader," "If you advertise, own one medium: same time, same place," "Avoid hallway focus groups," "Have a concept. But be clear!" Husak showed examples of some advertisements that tell a good story. The meeting concluded after Husak heard impressions of the advertisements from MCCC Members.
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