Small Business Committee Gets Technical

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September 22, 2011


Brian Vaughn addresses the Small Business Committee on cloud computing and cyber security

Brian Vaughn, President and COO of ShipShape IT, LLC presented to the Small Business Committee on technology management fundamentals for business managers and owners. Committee Vice-Chair Judy Stephenson, OfficePRO and Charlie Atwell, Innovative Business Interiors, Inc. led the conversation with Vaughn about how businesses can understand new technology, specifically cloud computing and cyber security.

Vaughn discussed a variety of topics with the committee. He covered technology basics such as how internet connectivity, routers, firewalls, switches and hubs, and file servers operate. Vaughn also provided advice on how to work with providers and IT specialist to connect hardware and install the proper software on computers.

In the area of security, Vaughn discussed the ideas of systems and application redundancy, malware and anti-virus protection, and power protection. He explained to the committee that outside of power failures, computers can have issues with brown-outs, where too little electricity is reaching the server or power spikes, were too much electricity is coming through. Vaughan also discussed individual accountability with passwords and setting up firewalls correctly.

At the end of his presentation, Vaughn offered some helpful tips for the committee on their IT setups. He suggested that businesses own their domain name and be the ‘registrant’ so a third party cannot take the domain name. He suggested leveraging Dell, HP, CDW, and Tiger Direct directly on product purchase and to strongly consider Microsoft office from PC manufacturers.

For a copy of Vaughn’s presentation, please click here

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