Senate Delegation Chair Jamie Raskin Previews 2011 Special Session

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October 14, 2011

From left to right: Vice-Chair Josh Bokee, Comcast, Senator Jamie Raskin, MCCC President & CEO Gigi Godwin
Committee Vice Chair Josh Bokee, Comcast, introduced Senator Jamie Raskin (D-20), the Chair of the Montgomery County Delegation to the State Senate. Senator Raskin spoke to the Legislative Affairs Committee about his work in the State Senate leadership.
Raskin touched on a diverse set of issues. He spoke about his efforts on legalizing wine shipping to the State and simultaneously his efforts to curtail drunk driving through forcing more convicted drunk drivers do have a breathing device tied to the ignition of their car. He also talked about creating Benefit Corporations and in corporate law development.
On business centered issues, Raskin emphasized his desire to dismantle the regulatory burden on businesses in the state in order to stay competitive and create jobs. Raskin also provided the committee with an update on the Congressional redistricting process, which the state will be tacking in the special session that begins on Monday, October 17, 2011.
Raskin will be joining many committee members at the upcoming Chamber Business Awards Dinner. Please click the link to join us!
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