Recap - WSSC: What’s Next? Insights from New Leadership

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May 10, 2016

Guest Speaker: Carla Reid, General Manager, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
Topic: WSSC: What’s Next? Insights from New Leadership

May 10, 2016 Recap  

The vice-chair of the Infrastructure and Land Use Committee, Gus Bauman, welcomed MCCC members and introduced the guest speaker, Carla Reid, General Manager of WSSC. Ms. Reid has worked at WSSC and in both jurisdictions prior to returning recently to take over the top spot. She is familiar with the unique bi-county relationship.

She began her presentation sharing the mission of WSSC and how it is key to economic development.  The annual capital and operating budget of WSSC is $1.4 billion. They replace over 55 miles of pipe per year.  Her vision for the organization is to be a world class utility.

As part of that focus, much work is being done internally to foster stakeholder relationships. Employees are working on providing solutions to the customers they value.  They are also leveraging technology in new ways to improve operations.

Nevertheless, WSSC faces an intrinsic dilemma. There are an increasing number of customers but everyone is using less water and therefore WSSC is bringing in less revenue while costs continue to rise.  Therefore there needs to be a thorough review of the rate structure.

As she wrapped up her presentation, Ms. Reid said she was focused on three things: simplify, focus and connect.

A copy of the power point is available upon request.

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