Recap: Small Business Member Meeting - January 15, 2014 - Ellen Bogage, President & CEO, Chesapeake Public Strategies

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January 15, 2014

January 15, 2014

Guest Speaker: Ellen Bogage, President & CEO, Chesapeake Public Strategies

Clark Kendall, Co-Chair of the Small Business Committee, welcomed MCCC members to the meeting and introduced the guest speaker, Ellen Bogage, President & CEO, Chesapeake Public Strategies. Bogage presented to MCCC members about positioning your company to compete with the “big dogs” and bring in “big dogs” as clients.

The key to competing with larger companies is demonstrating to potential clients the qualities that make your small business the best fit for their needs. Being able to clarify and articulate the business you are in, the service you provide and what differentiates you from competitors, both large and small should all be part of your “elevator pitch” which should be delivered with confidence, credibility and energy.

Small businesses demonstrate credibility by providing potential clients with examples of company successes, such as client testimonials and case studies. To show clients that your small business has the bandwidth to appropriately support their needs, publish team bios, including subcontractors that would work on the account.  

A common mistake small businesses make is to price lower than competitors in the hopes that clients want to pay less for the service. Set prices according to value of the service your company provides. Offering a price lower than the value of the service allows clients to assume that your company is not credible and that your services are not valuable.

The best way to make connections with companies in your target market is to attend meetings, networking events and industry conferences that potential clients would attend. Keep up to date with industry news and share relevant information with past clients and potential clients to keep in touch and share your expertise.

Bogage concluded her remarks by reiterating that to keep from shrinking, you have to grow and that ‘small is the new big.’

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