Recap - Legislative Affair and Economic Development: Priorities for the 2016 General Assembly Legislative Session | Nov 12, 2015

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November 12, 2015

November 12, 2015 | Joint Legislative Affairs and Economic Development Member Exchange Meeting Recap  

Guest Speaker: Senator Nancy King (D39), Maryland General Assembly

Topic: Priorities for the Upcoming 2016 General Assembly Legislative Session

The chairs of the Economic Development and Legislative Affairs Committees, Stew Edelstein and Leslie Webber, welcomed MCCC members and introduced the guest speaker, Senator Nancy King (D39), a longtime friend of MCCC.

Senator King began with a brief recap of the 2015 session. In her opinion, the members of the senate worked remarkably well together throughout the session, until the last five days when the budget became the focus of attention.  Now is time to rebuild those relationships in order to get things done, despite the national political landscape getting in the way.

She explained that it can be difficult to get a bill through because of the sheer volume of bills they see in a 90 day session.  As of November, there are already 1,400 bills that have been filed on the Senate side alone.

For Senator King, a longstanding priority she will continue to press is the expansion of Research and Development tax credits which are so important for strategic industries we want to attract and retain.  There are examples of businesses that would not exist today were it not for that credit.

Other priorities include education funding, in particular the Geographic Cost of Education Index (GCEI) so that districts with growing populations get adequate funding and transportation and promoting the improvements to I-270.  She also has a number of bills on early childhood and childcare.

Questions from attendees included regulatory reform, Montgomery County liquor laws, earned sick leave, the changing nature of Montgomery County, and ways to encourage entrepreneurship.

The Montgomery County Delegation to the Maryland General Assembly website can be found here.

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