Recap: Infrastructure and Land Use Member Meeting - Casey Anderson, Chair, Montgomery County Planning Board - October 14, 2014

Posted Date: 
October 14, 2014

October 14, 2014 Recap:

Guest Speakers: Casey Anderson, Chair, Montgomery County Planning Board                              

Vice-Chair of the Infrastructure and Land Use Committee, Gus Bauman, welcomed MCCC members and introduced the guest Casey Anderson, Chair, Montgomery County Planning Board. The presentation featured a discussion about the plans and priorities of the Montgomery County Planning Board.

Anderson, who received MCCC’s recommendation in his bid to become Chair, stated that the support of MCCC is important as the County continues to evolve. He invited the Chamber and its members to stay actively engaged.

Anderson framed the discussion around the following topics:

  • Development Review: The 4 Point Plan from Gwen Wright, Director, Planning Department
  • The Transportation Test
  • Affordable Housing

The Montgomery County Planning Board aims to more closely connect land use policy and regulation with economic development, housing and transportation needs while improving public engagement. The new zoning ordinance, which will go into effect on October 30, is one of many efforts to achieve this goal,. For more information, click here.

Click here to view the Fall Semi-Annual Report and read about the latest accomplishments and upcoming plans and priorities at The Montgomery County Planning Board.

Following an overview, Anderson opened up the floor to MCCC members for questions, comments and suggestions which led to a lively discussion.

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