Recap: Health IT Forum - Tuesday, June 5, 2012

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November 9, 2012


October 2011 - June 2012  Presentations

Steve Silverman, Director of Montgomery County Department of Economic Development, serves as moderator for the Health IT Forum.  The speakers include:  Ting Shih/ClickMedix; Michael E. Singer/BrainScope; Bradley Rotter, AirPatrol Corporation; Dan Cerutti, IBM Watson Commercialization 

Recap of Health IT Forum   - Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A panel of industry experts representing companies and products that will or have already created a more accurate, efficient and secure delivery of healthcare presented at the June 5th Health IT Forum. The attendees heard from the leadership of ClickMedixBrainScope and AirPatrol, all Maryland companies working on innovations for healthcare using information technology.  The Keynote speaker was Dan Cerutti of IBM, who serves as the specialist on the commercialization of Watson (the computer that was featured on the television show Jeopardy).  IBM Watson's ability to analyze the meaning and context of human language, and quickly process vast amounts of information to suggest options targeted to a patient's circumstances, can assist decision makers such as physicians and nurses in identifying the best and most effective courses of treatment for their patients.  Steve Silverman, Director of the Montgomery County Department of Economic Development served as Master of Ceremonies.   

See more about the program participants and their companies below:

Ting Shih
CEO & Founder, ClickMedix

Michael E. Singer, President and CEO, BrainScope Company, Inc.

Bradley RotterChairman & CEO, AirPatrol Corporation

Dan Cerutti, GM, IBM Watson Commercialization


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