Recap - Growing Your Business – What you need to know

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May 20, 2015

Guest Speakers: Chris Mann, Managing Partner and Gary Korn, Director, Morgan Franklin
Topic:  Growing Your Business – What you need to know

May 20, 2015 Recap

Clark Kendall, Vice-Chair of the Small Business Committee, welcomed MCCC members and guest speakers Chris Mann and Gary Korn of MorganFranklin to discuss strategies and tactics to consider in growing your business.  

Mr. Mann began with a brief list of why people start a business:

Be your own boss; Pursue a passion; Bring a new idea to the marketplace; Fill a void in the marketplace; Create jobs; Create income/wealth potential; Create a legacy.

Ultimately, it is about creating something special that you want to nurture and grow.

There are many challenges businesses face, among them: regulatory requirements, investor expectations, talent management, reporting obligations, and involving new stakeholders.

In order to optimize the business, there are key things to consider to be prepared. Those include: Financial management, business performance, technology optimization, governance, risk and compliance, and data quality and data management. Together, Mr. Mann and Mr. Korn walked through each of these areas and highlighted things a business should do as a basic requirement and ‘extra credit’ items to go above and beyond. The time to implement these ideas is not in the months leading up to a major change (IPO, acquisition, etc.) but years ahead to be in a strategic position to gain the best offer possible.

MorganFranklin is often brought in to help enterprise organizations (the large, multinational organizations) as well as growth oriented businesses.  They help provide the tactical expertise to execute plans that have been put in place.

The powerpoint is available upon request.

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