RECAP: Green Business Forum - Better Business Through Energy Efficiency - June 25, 2013

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June 25, 2013

Recap: Green Business Forum: Better Business through Energy Efficiency

The June 25th Green Business Forum identified opportunities to help businesses become more energy efficient. The panelists gave advice on how to save money, unlock incentives, and benefit the environment by taking advantage of the Pepco Commercial and Industrial Energy Saving Program, created by the EmPower Maryland Act.

Manuel Vera, Program Manager of Commercial and Industrial Energy Savings Programs, Pepco Holdings, Inc. presented a variety of Energy Savings Programs available through Pepco, specifically he highlighted the new Small Business Program. This program provides incentives that cover up to 90% of installed project costs. Pepco has already helped customers earn more than $20.3 million in incentives and save more than 183.1 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year.

Wilbur Williams, C.E.M., Process/Utility Improvement Engineer, MedImmune, Inc. and Brian Fitzpatrick, Energy and Property Accountant, DavCo Restaurants walked the attendees through the successful implementation of the Energy Saving Programs at their respective companies. Mr. Williams said, through program incentives and energy cost savings, the project paid for itself in 4 months. Mr. Fitzpatrick said that greening their equipment allowed Wendy’s employees to focus on “selling hamburgers” rather than dealing with technical problems.

Susan Marinelli, Program Manager Direct Load Control Programs, Pepco Holdings, Inc. discussed the Energy Wise Rewards for Business Program. The program provides a web-programmable thermostat that allows customers to manually or remotely manage the system during times of peak electricity use.

The presentation provided attendees with the resources to improve energy efficiency and generate energy cost savings that can be reinvested into other business needs.


Eric R. Coffman, CEM, CDSM, LEED-AP, Senior Energy Planner, Montgomery County, Department of Environmental Protection


Brian Fitzpatrick, Energy & Property Accountant, DavCo Restaurants

Manuel Vera, Program Manager of Commercial and Industrial Energy Savings Programs, Pepco Holdings, Inc.

Susan Marinelli, Program Manager Direct Load Control Programs, Pepco Holdings, Inc.

Wilbur Williams, C.E.M., Process/Utility Improvement Engineer, MedImmune, Inc.


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