Recap - Economic Development: Update on work of The Maryland Economic Development and Business Climate Commission | Dec 10, 2015

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December 10, 2015

December 10, 2015 | Economic Development Member Exchange Meeting Recap  

Guest Speaker: Delegate Bill Frick (D16) and Delegate Ariana Kelly (D16), Maryland General Assembly

Topic: Economic Development – the Augustine Commission, Local Liquor Bills and Economic Development in the Delegation

Leslie Weber, chair of the Legislative Affairs committee, welcomed MCCC members and introduced the guest speakers, Delegates Bill Frick and Ariana Kelly, both of District 16. 

Montgomery County Delegates to the Maryland General Assembly Bill Frick and Ariana B. Kelly provided an update on Maryland economic development and the Business Climate Commission.

Delegate Frick noted that Phase 1 of the Augustine Commission Report that dealt with the regulatory environment inspired a package of bills presented in the 2015 General Assembly Session. These bills focused on the impact of regulations on small businesses, it created an ombudsman to assist business in navigating government processes and led to the structural transformation of the Maryland Department of Business Development into the Maryland Department of Commerce. Phase 2 deals with tax policies. Delegate Frick distributed a 55-page Moody’s Analytics report that provides an objective view of “How Maryland Measures Up.”  Highlights of the comparative report note that 1) Maryland’s personal income tax is out of step; 2) the state’s investment in infrastructure is not strong; 3) the cost of doing business is high.

Delegate Kelly noted the importance of the Montgomery County Delegation to be informed and educated by the business community about the importance of economic development and a better business climate.  The Delegation needs to know the consequences of tax votes. Delegate Kelly note that local bills brought to the Delegation tend to receive “local courtesy” leading to agreement. Challenges arise when local bills set a statewide precedent.

The Delegates emphasized the need for the government to routinely hear from businesses about regulatory impacts.

The Montgomery County Delegation to the Maryland General Assembly website can be found here.

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