Recap: Economic Development - Dan Hoffman, Chief Innovation Officer, Montgomery County

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December 11, 2014

Leslie Ford Weber, Dan Hoffman, and Ilaya Hopkins

December 11, 2014 Recap

Guest Speaker:  Dan Hoffman, Chief Innovation Officer, Montgomery County

The vice-chair of the Economic Development Committee, Leslie Ford Weber, welcomed MCCC members and introduced the guest speakers, Dan Hoffman, Chief Innovation Officer, Montgomery County. The presentation featured a discussion about innovation opportunities in Montgomery County.

Dan Hoffman provided an overview of the portfolio of projects that he is responsible for in Montgomery County’s effort to build and support a platform for innovation through the Innovation Program. Dan explained that anyone can submit an idea to the program providing that the idea has the three basic criteria: that it is measureable, has the potential to scale up, and is experimental and risky.

He described the three buckets that the Innovation Program is focusing on: education, food, and the Internet of Things. Each bucket has projects underway, such as the Autism Communication and Technology Pilot; the Food Access Data, Culinary Incubation, Food Hubs project; and the Scale Project.

The Scale Project was highlighted as a leading example for the program. It stands for Safe Community Alerting Network and explores how the county can use the Internet of Things to explore how we can take devices and equip them to help with first responder support and how can we make it available to everyone.  The project currently has corporate partners and is looking for others to join the effort and help push the project to the next step.

Following the presentation, Dan Hoffman opened up the floor to MCCC members for questions, comments and suggestions which led to a lively discussion.

Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation and here to view the video that Dan Hoffman used to discuss The Scale Project. You can also find out more about Montgomery County’s Innovation Program here

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