Recap: County Executive Leggett's 6 Point Economic Plan - Impacts and Opportunities Dec 17, 2014

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December 17, 2014

December 17, 2014 Recap

Guest Speaker: Judy Stephenson, Small Business Navigator, Montgomery County Department of Economic Development

Clark Kendall, Vice-Chair of the Small Business Committee, welcomed MCCC members and guest speaker, Judy Stephenson, Small Business Navigator for Montgomery County Department of Economic Development. Stephenson provided an overview of how the Montgomery County Executive’s new 6-Point Economic Plan impacts Small Businesses:

  1. The MOVE program is an effort to get small businesses, such as those that are home based, into existing office spaces by providing a direct subsidy. Currently it is limited to strategic sectors, but it may be expanding to other sectors. The new BUILD program is focused on development of new commercial space which will stimulate new activity economic activity.  
  2. The MC Squared is a business accelerator program focused on tech savvy entrepreneurs that includes a mentoring element.
  3. The Independent Transit Authority focuses on improving transportation in the County. It would create more opportunities for small businesses by increasing accessibility for staff and customers as well as creating the opportunity to work on transit projects.
  4. The 30-day approval and the creation of a development ombudsperson will support the permitting process. It improves the business climate overall, increase construction activity, and creates more commercial space options.
  5. Ultra Montgomery creates areas for high speed communication through high-speed fiber networks.
  6. Workforce Services is an effort create a qualified workers pipeline by training the community of unemployed, underemployed, and those high school students who don’t attend college with the skills needed to work in the business community.

Stephenson concluded by encouraging the small business community to get involved in the conversation to help shape the decisions that affect the business community and opened it up to questions from the MCCC members.

If you would like a copy of Judy Stevenson’s PowerPoint presentation, please contact Michelle Guzman at

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