Recap - Council President Nancy Floreen: The Year Ahead for the Montgomery County Council

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January 15, 2016

Guest Speaker: Nancy Floreen (At-Large), Council President, Montgomery County Council
Topic: The Year Ahead for the Montgomery County Council

January 15, 2016 Recap  

The vice-chair of the Legislative Affairs Meeting, Leslie Weber, welcomed MCCC members and introduced Nancy Floreen who is the newly elected President of the Montgomery County Council and will serve in that capacity for one year. 

She began by talking about the Capital Budget introduced on January 15 and the Operating Budget due March 15. Because the General Assembly is still in session and the State Budget has not yet been passed, the County Executive uses his best assumptions in the proposed budget. The County Council holds public hearings on the budget and will vote on a final budget in May.

For Council President Floreen, she believes that everything the county does should be oriented to business success, helping people be self-sufficient, and creating jobs.  We do a lot of things well in Montgomery County and we need to tell those stories. 

There are real challenges, in particular a recent discussion at MDOT to modify plans at the Watkins Mill Interchange and addressing the very real problems on the I-270 corridor. Montgomery County continues to adjust to fiscal realities of paying for teachers’ pensions, reconciling the loss of the Wynne Case, working with the Comptroller to identify misallocated money, and addressing the recent shortfall in revenues in Montgomery County.

There are a number of priorities in the legislative session for the County Council including equitable formulas for distribution, and investments in libraries, Montgomery College, Strathmore as well as ensuring appropriate resources for our economic development efforts.

Members asked questions about sunsetting the increase in the Fuel Energy Tax and the recent proposal to open the distribution and sale of liquor to private enterprise.  Both were described as not feasible at this time due to the difficult budget constraints the county continues to experience. If those monies are not available, it is likely that property taxes would have to be raised.

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