Recap - Are Internship Programs Right for Your Business?

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April 15, 2015

Guest Speakers: 

  • Angela Beemer, Director, Montgomery College
  • Wendelin C. Donahue, Ed.D. Assistant Director, Career & Internship Services Center, The Universities at Shady Grove

‚ÄčTopic: Are Internship Programs Right for Your Business?

April 15, 2015 Recap

Clark Kendall, Vice-Chair of the Small Business Committee, welcomed MCCC members and guest speakers Angela Beemer, Director, Montgomery College, Wendelin C. Donahue, Ed.D. Assistant Director, Career & Internship Services Center, The Universities at Shady Grove to discuss ways to utilize internship programs most effectively.

MCCC and its Board of Directors have an intern pledge to hire interns from Montgomery County to develop our local talent pool. Internships can contribute to the workforce development in the county and the region.

Both Montgomery College and the Universities at Shady Grove have points of contact that work with students and employers to develop a substantive experience.

At USG, the program is designed to support students as they get broader exposure to the work place. In order to make it possible for more businesses, especially small businesses, to participate, USG also has a scholarship program to help businesses bring new talent on board.

The best time to bring students on board for summer employment is in April.  It is important to determine the rate of pay and the number of hours to be worked.  Best practices dictate that the intern works for established blocks of time.

At Montgomery College, students can enroll in a Co-op ed and internship program. This semester-long class integrates classroom learning and workplace experience. Each student has a learning agreement with three objectives.  The business is part of the creation and review of the plan.  The best practices for internships include strong communication between the intern and employer and substantive work. The learning agreement helps to structure those important parameters.

Employers benefit from having interns in important ways:

  • New academic knowledge
  • Frees up employees to focus on other work
  • Internships are the new interview – it gives the employer a trial run with a potential hire

Ms. Beemer and Ms. Donahue both provided contact information for employers interested in pursuing internship opportunities.

Universities at Shady Grove Career and Internship Services Center
Wendelin Donahue

Montgomery College
Angela Beemer, Director, College Wide CO-OP and Internship Program


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