Planning Board Member Amy Presley speaks to I&LU Committee

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April 10, 2012

Committee Vice-Chair Gus Bauman took attendance and welcomed the committee. He introduced Planning Board Member Amy Presley.

Ms. Presley started the discussion by saying that she was looking forward to gathering feedback from the committee on processes that needed to be changed or rethought. She discussed how the planning board often reviews many plans, but rarely is change effected.

The committee discussed issues related to the County Departments of Transportation and Economic Development. Additionally, Presley spoke about her views on the County’s proposed Bus Rapid Transit network and how Parking and Planning could benefit from better communication with the County DOT.

In the realm of new development, Presley saw the White Flint development as a “poster child” for smart growth. The committee addressed her concerns about the Development Review Committee, how it operates, and who participates. There is an issue over who leads those particular meetings, which could help the committee function better.

The committee enjoyed hearing from Ms. Presley and sharing their views on important issues facing the County’s development. 

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