A New START! MCCC Joins New State Transportation Funding Alliance

Posted Date: 
January 26, 2011

MCCC President & CEO Gigi Godwin.

I’m pleased to report that this week I joined with fellow business leaders from around Maryland to launch START – the Statewide Transportation Alliance to Restore the Trust (as in the state’s Transportation Trust Fund). We announced the launch of this initiative on Tuesday, Jan. 25 in Annapolis, together at a press conference with our State Senator Rob Garagiola. Following are my remarks:

Good afternoon. I am Gigi Godwin, President and CEO of the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce. I want to first thank Kathy Snyder of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce, and Don Fry of the Greater Baltimore Committee, for their leadership on this important issue.

I want to be sure today to highlight Maryland’s transportation needs for the Washington metropolitan area – specifically to reduce congestion by increasing our state’s investment in road and transit capacity.

 The 2011 Study of the Texas Transportation Institute found that Washington area commuters spend more than 70 hours per year in traffic delays – tied with Chicago for worst in the United States. Our inadequate transportation infrastructure is a liability and an obstacle to job creation. Employers consider transportation when making expansion or location decisions – we know that for a fact. It is in our state’s best interest to invest in road and transit infrastructure to grow jobs in Maryland.

 The Washington metropolitan area is home to many federal agencies and thousands of small, medium and large employers who serve both the federal government, and our commercial and residential communities. Montgomery County is number-two in the nation for small businesses that are doing work for their federal agency customers.

 In Maryland’s Washington metropolitan region, we have an opportunity to both enhance economic development and reduce congestion through our transit projects: the Purple Line and the Corridor Cities Transitway Transportation infrastructure is a key component to our overall infrastructure that supports our employers, their employees, and our quality of life in Maryland.

 In order to achieve our collective transportation goals, we need a transportation fund that we can trust! And, one that is sustainable in the future.

 We look forward to working with our state and regional colleagues, and with the State legislature and the Governor to achieve that objective. Thank you.

From left: Lon Anderson of AAA; State Senator Rob Garagiola; Don Fry of the Greater Baltimore Committee; Gigi Godwin of MCCC; Kathy Snyder of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce.

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