Mo Hasan from Skiani Talks How Our Brains Process Information

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November 7, 2012

Vice-Chair Judy Stephenson introduced MCCC members present at the meeting and welcomed the speaker, Mo Hasan from Shikani, who is presenting on the topic, "People are not the problem, processes are."
Hasan spoke about his background as an entrepreneur and consultant. Hasan trained United States Chief Justice John Roberts in technology as well as other members of the Supreme Court. As an example for his presentation, he spoke about how examiners at the SEC operated in silos and did not communicate even when separate examiners were investigating the same crime. Hasan works to solve communication problems in organizations in his consulting business called Shikani.
Hasan spoke about neuroscience and its role in how we interpret communication. He explained that the Amygdala, the most protected part of the brain, has a primary and singular role of ensuring survival. Differently, the Frontal Cortex controls emotions and cognitive thought.
Hasan discussed how the amygdala could be running our lives. Hasan spoke about the powerful role of language in our lives and how it's the way that we understand our past, present, and future.  Additionally, he spoke about Ontology; the creation of 'self' or the role that it plays to understanding and explaining threats in the subconscious idea people think the world revolves around them.
Hassan spoke about disrupting this system and reprogramming responses outside of the Amygdala. Essentially, he explained how the Amygdala is a reflection of our past and present experiences and how it reacts in a primal way to situations it interprets as threatening. Once we understand this, the human Frontal Cortex of the brain can work to overcome the inclinations of the amygdala. It accomplishes this by performing a threat assessment exercise.
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