MCCC Business EXCELerator Recap - Thursday, March 2, 2017. “Building a Pipeline / Business Development”

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March 13, 2017

The March 2, 2017 Business EXCELerator meeting focused on “Building a Pipeline / Business Development”

Neil Simons of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. introduced Tom Cates President & Chairman, The Brookside Group, Inc. He presented valuable ways “being remarkable – remarked on” impacts revenue. Important lessons are to construct positive and meaningful “1 on 1” relationships with customers to retain their business. In a competitive marketplace, awareness of the customer’s world is critical. Another key is to position yourself as a trusted advisor who delivers integrity, competency, recognition, proactivity, savvy and chemistry. If a client responds that the relationship is “fine” then there are problems to address. If retention supports a larger percentage of a company’s revenue, new business targets are easier to achieve.


Kwesi Rodgers, Federal National Commercial Credit introduced Ann Sullivan, President, Madison Services Group, Inc. She provided guidance on ways to follow federal spending during this time of change and the Continuing Resolution. Ann described that the Continuing Resolution mandates “no new starts” and de-coded the budget process of Resolutions v Appropriations i.e. Appropriations determine what is funded. To receive news and updates, visit Another key resource is to follow an Agency and its divisions. Understanding their directives can help a contractor anticipate contracting opportunities. Ann encouraged businesses to advocate for the continuation of directives that are important to your success and the agency mission. Reaching out to your congressional delegate(s) can be an effective way to shape appropriations.

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