MCCC Business EXCELerator Recap: Cybersecurity | April 20, 2016

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April 20, 2016

Small Business Presentation 

Small Business Co-Chairs:
Clark Kendall, Kendall Capital Management
Neil Simons, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

Guest Speaker: Bill Webb, President, SilverRhino, LLC
Topic: Advanced Persistent Threat – What does it mean for your business?

MCCC Small Business Committee Vice-Chair Clark Kendall introduced Bill Webb who focused his presentation on the positive and negative realities of doing business in a connected world.

As the President of SilverRhino, Mr. Webb’s biggest fear was being hacked and having his bank account drained. But as he demonstrated, the threats and the global costs of cyber breaches are much larger than a single attack.  “Advanced Persistent Threat” is the new buzz word that refers to the 24/7 assault on our systems.  Attacks can steal identity, drain bank accounts, and hold your data for ransom, etc. essentially shutting down a business.  There are many bad actors ranging from organized crime with cyber divisions to rouge states to insider threats including existing and former employees and vendors.  Often the perpetrators are robots. There is good data available that describes the nature and incidents of attacks.  Crimeware is increasingly used in attacks on small businesses.

Companies need to think about their systems and who has access to their networks. It is also important to establish policies to improve employee discipline to avoid predatory attacks. Most cybercrimes are sourced through employee action.

Mr. Webb offered small businesses ideas of what to do to protect your business.  While there are plenty of tools available in the marketplace, it is important to engage with someone to assess your policies and systems. Many businesses make excuses for reasons not to act, chief among them the costs involved. But Mr. Webb argued that a business can’t afford not to do a thorough cyber risk assessment and management.  The Cybersecurity Association of Maryland has a list of a number of companies who work in this space.

There are also a number of processes and procedures we can all do today to make ourselves safer. Things such as going to an application to get a notification rather than clicking on a notification from social media that comes to your email, watching for ‘whaling’ – emails from the CEO with corrupt links, backing up your data with an ‘air gap’, developing robust social media, wireless and desktop policies for the office, and training your people on good cyber practices like locking your computer when not in use.

A copy of the SilverRhino powerpoint presentation is available upon request.

GovConNet Presentation

GovConNet Co-Chairs:
Kwesi Rodgers, Federal National Commercial Credit
Lexy Kessler, Aronson LLC

Guest Speaker: Mitch Mello, ISMS
Topic: Best Practices for Government Contractors on “How To” comply with RFPs

Recap coming soon

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