MCCC Business EXCELerator Recap: Conference Preparedness: Onsite Marketing and Branding | March 16, 2016

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March 16, 2016

Small Business Presentation 

Small Business Co-Chairs:
Clark Kendall, Kendall Capital Management
Neil Simons, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

Guest Speaker: Karen Kilian, President, LMD Agency
Topic: How to Turn Show Time into Prime Time: Get the Most Out of Conventions and Trade Shows

Neil Simons, Chair of the Small Business Member Exchange Meeting, introduced the speaker.

Ms. Killian began by saying that conferences are really in person marketing opportunities. It is important to be able to articulate the ‘why’ of your business.  This takes planning and thoughtful execution.  At a trade show, it is important to “engage-educate-entertain”. This happens “before, during, and after.”

She offered tips for each stage.

Before:  Create an action plan. Know your quality leads.  Promote your presence (use the opportunity to strengthen existing relationships)

If you have a booth at a trade show, think about what goes into it.  Graphics should be bold.  It should be an inviting place. Try to convey an emotional message. Have swag with swagger.  Keep materials simple.

During: Maximize your exposure by participating on panels, interacting with others. Have the right people staffing your booth (provide team with appropriate training).  Capture leads.

After:  Follow up on leads. Re-engage. Connect on social media. Measure your success.

For a copy of the power point presentation, please email Josey Simpson,

GovConNet Presentation

GovConNet Co-Chairs:
Kwesi Rodgers, Federal National Commercial Credit
Lexy Kessler, Aronson LLC

Guest Speaker: Gloria Larkin, President, TargetGov
Topic: Succeed at Government Contracting Conferences: Prepare, Make Your Mark, and Follow Up

In the second half of the presentation, Barbara Ashe introduced Gloria Larkin, a frequent speaker at the MCCC GovConNet Procurement Conference, to provide her best practices on leveraging that particular event.

Ms. Larkin began by reminding everyone that the federal government is the world’s #1 customer. The election year makes the dynamics interesting and therefore it is even more important to stay on top of trends and opportunities.

Ms. Larkin attends many procurement conferences and has been a speaker at the MCCC GovConNet Procurement Conference for a number of years.  Because many agencies staff do not have the flexibility to travel and because MCCC has developed strong relationships throughout the federal government, this event is a great opportunity to meet with key people. It is also the right size for matchmaking, break outs and the expo.

As an attendee, it is important to think through your own objectives.  Whether they are sales or communications, it is important to only have 1-2 measurable objectives.

Most importantly, you should be prepared, especially for matchmaking opportunities. Do your homework, have a few (3) opportunities to discuss, look at the agency forecast, have a specific and targeted capability statement.

As suggested in the first presentation, to maximize a conference like this takes preparation and execution before, during and after.  Be sure to represent your company well, take advantage of all the conference has to offer and follow up on connections and leads.

Ms. Larkin stressed that attending a conference is part of a long-term strategy. As you build relationships and continue to follow up, this will produce new revenue for you.

To request a copy of the power point presentation, please contact Patty Brown at

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