MBDC Board Member Discusses Vision for County Growth

Posted Date: 
July 12, 2012


Robert G. Brewer, Jr. (left) discusses MBDC and its goals with Economic Development Committee Vice Co-Chair Dr. Stewart Edelstein

Vice Co-Chair Dr. Stewart Edelstein welcomed the committee and introduced the guest speaker, Robert G. Brewer, Jr., Principal, Lerch, Early & Brewer, and board member of Montgomery County Business Development Corporation (MBDC).

Mr. Brewer introduced MBDC to MCCC members and explained the structure and goals of the fledgling organization. He described the history of MBDC, explaining how the Montgomery County Council voted to form and fund a standalone organization with the goal of tackling the greatest challenges facing the county regarding economic and business development: the growth and retention of businesses and jobs in Montgomery County.

MBDC believes that the wealth and prosperity that Montgomery County has experienced over the past several decades could begin to wane under the constantly changing business climate. Mr. Brewer pointed to the loss of jobs that the county has suffered as well as a prediction of a lessening of federal funding as examples of this. He backed the need for a strengthening and increase of the county tax base.

One thing that MBDC strives to effect is a change in the business culture in the county as well as in the state. The concept of growth in the county was, according to Mr. Brewer, considered “pejorative” up to this point—a dangerous mentality to hold in a near-stagnant economy. He hopes that MBDC can inspire community business leaders to change their opinion of business growth and encourage them to seek active roles in promoting such growth across the county.

Mr. Brewer described the organization of MBDC in detail, including its proposed structure of utilizing a mix of full-time employees, part-time employees, and contracting to run its daily operations. He described MBDC’s current goal of finding a suitable leader with experience in economic development to be hired as a full-time president of the organization. When asked by a committee member about this position’s responsibility juggling between fundraising and economic development, Brewer insisted that the board will take the responsibility of fundraising to allow the president to fully focus on development.

Mr. Brewer fielded several questions pertaining to MBDC’s goals moving forward, its organization, as well as the role it hopes to play in Montgomery County in the coming years.

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