Marketing Your Small Business

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May 16, 2012


Steve Simon, Vice President of Van Eperen & Co. addresses the Small Business Committee

Co-Chair Charles Atwell introduced Laura Van Eperen and Steve Simon from Van Eperen & Company for a discussion on Public Relations and Marketing - A Small Business Growth Strategy.

Steve Simon discussed a definition of Public Relations to frame the discussion and explain how practice is often more intricate than, “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics”.

Simon spoke about a number of reasons for needing PR or marketing such as raising the company’s profile, raising the corporate executive’s profile, becoming regarded as an industry expert, showcasing new services, building a brand, or generation recognition for business accomplishments and achievements.

There are many ways of a small business to grow their PR or marketing profile such as community relations and corporate social responsibility. Additionally, a business can use media campaigns through advertisements, could utilize multi-media productions, speaker training, business events, and online and social media.

The committee engaged Van Eperen and Simon on questions ranging from identifying positive media opportunities and navigating which social networking tool is best for a growing business. 

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