Legislative Affairs Member Meeting With Guest Bill Frick

Posted Date: 
June 21, 2013

Maryland State Delegate Bill Frick Addressed the Legislative Affairs Member Meeting.

June 21, 2013

Guest: Maryland State Delegate Bill Frick

Legislative Affairs Vice-Chair Josh Bokee welcomed MCCC members and introduced Delegate Bill Frick.

Delegate Frick described the 2013 legislative session as, “the incredibly productive legislative session that no one saw coming.” 2012 was a highly intensive year covering many major issues, so 2013 was predicted to be low key. However, that was not the case. For one, the legislature finally enacted the Transportation Financing Act. Delegate Frick gave full credit for this victory to MCCC, who was the leading voice in making the case for transportation funding.

Looking forward, Delegate Frick expects another busy year in 2014. Since the legislative session will take place close to the primary election, it could influence which bills are pushed. Some candidates will likely use the opportunity to please core constituencies.

This election year will be a turning point for Maryland. Delegate Frick expects to see many changes in leadership representation within the State Senate, State House of Representatives, Governor and Attorney General. In fact, 50 of 141 members of the House could be changing.

The members engaged in an open Q&A session with Delegate Frick to highlight topics they expect to be priorities throughout the next legislative session.  

The group discussed the tough competition to keep Fortune 500 corporate headquarters in Maryland. A member mentioned that the City of Richmond alone has more Fortune 500 companies than the entire state of Maryland. The members requested that this issue is addressed.

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