The Key to Networking: Be Prepared

Posted Date: 
December 15, 2010

MCCC Small Business Committee Co-Chair Charles Atwell and MCCC President and CEO Gigi Godwin talked this week with the Small Business Committee about the keys to networking.  Godwin said that the most important work that goes into networking is the preparation.  It's helpful to know a little bit about your host or your guests before the event so that you know what hobbies or issues you may have in common.  When coming to one of the Chamber's signature events, she said it is great when you can introduce your table host to a business contact that you think would be valuable for him or her to meet.

Atwell focused on the importance of following up with your host after the event to say thank you, and immediately following up with any business connections you met that night. It's important to remember that networking isn't linear, it's a web, so even if these contacts don't create immediate gain, they will pay off in the long run.

Both shared some of their favorite tips for networking success. Godwin advised: "Know thyself... be comfortable and confident. But comfortable does not mean sloppy, and confident does not mean arrogant." Added Atwell: "Show up. Be prepared. Then follow-up."

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