John Delaney Outlines Blueprint Maryland

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November 10, 2011

Committee Vice Chair Bill Robertson listens to John Delaney's presenation on Blueprint Maryland

Vice Chair Bill Robertson, Adventist Healthcare, and Co-Chair Stewart Edelstein, Universities at Shady Grove, welcomed the committee and introduced John Delaney, Chairman of Blueprint Maryland.

Delaney began his remarks by explaining Blueprint Maryland as a small non-profit, non-partisan, private, “mini think tank”. Blueprint Maryland is evolving to become a one stop shop for understanding trends in economic development in the State of Maryland. The organization launched with a study by the Sage Policy Group in analyzing a stress test for Maryland’s federally dependent economy.

The Sage study assumed a federal reduction as outlined by the Bowles-Simpson recommendations to be drawn out over ten years. The study revealed Maryland’s economic vulnerability if the Federal government did decide to downsize in line with Bowles-Simpson. Blueprint Maryland looks to investigate how to utilize the strengths of the state and our proximity to the federal government, while diversifying our economy. Delaney sees a solution to these issues coming from the private sector, rather than from government.

John Delaney envisions the role of Blueprint Maryland as a “mini Aspen Institute for job creation” where people can go to find facts and consensus action plans for creating jobs. Since the release of the initial study, Delaney has travelled extensively around the state to learn more about the concerns of businesspeople. Blueprint Maryland has also hosted 4 roundtables to gather information from many stakeholders across the state.

Delaney has pinpointed three main problems facing the business community in Maryland: 1) A burdensome regulatory environment, 2) transportation, and 3) Segments of the workforce not having good soft-skills.

The committee members asked Delaney many questions and were enthusiastic about his work.

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