Joe and Judy Pauley Communication Strategy Engages Member Meeting

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October 17, 2012

Vice-Chair Judy Stephenson introduced Joe and Judy Pauley from Kahler Communications and introduced MCCC members attending the meeting. Mr. & Mrs. Pauley presented on "Communicating for Improved Productivity and Profitability".
Mr. & Mrs. Pauley spoke about the history of process communication, which was discovered in 1971 by Dr. Taibi Kahler. There are two legs of process communications: everyone is one of six basic personality types and how we say something is more important than what we say. Mr. & Mrs. Pauley provided examples of how these concepts play out in business and in the classroom.
Mr. & Mrs. Pauley described 6 personality types: workaholic, persisted, reactor, dreamer, rebel, and promoter and their character traits. For example: Reactors are compassionate, sensitive, and warm. Persisters are conscientious, dedicated, observant. Workaholics are responsible, logical, and organized. Rebels are creative, spontaneous, playful.  Dreamers are reflective, imaginative, and calm. Promoters are resourceful, adaptable, and charming.
Mrs. Pauley discussed how people don't fall neatly into one category, but rather there is a base trait and then secondary and tertiary dominant quality traits. Most adults can exercise 2-3 of their parts easily. She then spoke about the psychological needs associated with each trait. 
Mr. & Mrs. Pauley spoke about applying these concepts to employees in the workplace and learning how to motivate different dominant personality types. MCCC members enjoyed Mr. & Mrs. Pauley's unique and interactive presentation.
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