Interim Planning Director Rose Krasnow Shares Perspective

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June 12, 2012


Interim Montgomery County Planning Director Rose Krasnow speaks to the committee with Vice-Chair Gus Bauman
Vice-Chair Gus Bauman welcomed the committee and introduced the speaker, Interim Planning Director Rose Krasnow.
Krasnow discussed her civic background as an activist and how she brings that perspective to the Planning process. Krasnow cited her objectivity as a major characteristic of her personality as a planner. She spoke about her experience with developing certain parts of Rockville including King Farm. She cited that specific development as a "smart growth" planned community.
Krasnow supports the zoning code re-write. She cited opposition from certain groups but emphasized the important need for a re-written zoning code. She spoke about the difficulties of interpreting the code for both builders and developers as well as for Planning staff. The re-write will be completed in the summer of 2012 and presented to the Planning Board in the fall.
Krasnow spoke about the nature of good Planning processes being a general view of the future; not specific blueprints. She also expressed her concern that younger people cannot afford to live in Montgomery County, which is an important problem to fix. Krasnow also supports streamlining the development process in the County.
The Committee asked Krasnow about interacting with homeowners associations, working with technology, and enforcement issues.
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