Get Access to State Small Business Procurement Opportunities!

Posted Date: 
January 19, 2011

Get Access to State Procurement Opportunities Through Small Business Reserve Program

Maryland's Small Business Reserve Program requires that 23 State Agencies procure 10% of their goods and services through certified small businesses. 

On January 19th, Mary Jo Childs, Procurement Advisor to the Board of Public Works, Greg Bedward, General Counsel to the Board of Public Works, and Sharon Jackson, MBE Compliance and Outreach Director visited the Chamber to talk about the work the State is doing to improve participation in the program.  Right now, departments are average approximately six percent of their spending through the SBR Program, well short of the 10% goal.

To find out if you qualify for the Small Business Reserve program and to register, please visit:

To bid on contracts, both within and outside the scope of the SBR program, you can visit E-Maryland Marketplace at

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