Generational Diversity: Scott Span from Tolero Solutions

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March 21, 2012

Scott Span from Tolero Solutions speaks to the Small Business Committee about Generational Diversity in the workplace.

Vice Chair Judy Stephenson, OfficePro, Inc. welcomed the committee and introduced Scott Span from Tolero Solutions, who spoke about generational diversity.

Span spoke about how generations are defined and how employees bring those characteristics into the workforce. The largest generation entering the workforce currently is "Generation Y" or the "Millennial" generation.

He discussed an urgency for understanding generational issues. Span cited statistics that illustrate how quickly the workforce is changing, which creates communications concerns about how to transfer institutional knowledge and leadership roles in a given organization. He described how Millenials and Baby Boomers communicate in many different ways making trains and management sometimes challenging.

Span discussed the differences between the different defined generations. For example, the Traditionalist cohort are those who we born between 1925-1945 and are known for their leadership ability and creativity . Baby boomers are classified as those born between 1946-1964 and have the qualities of being leaders, realists, and workaholics. Generation X was born between 1965-1978. Generation X is known for being cynical, pessimistic, independent, and self reliant. Generation Y are those born since 1979 and are understood to be less indepenedent, technically savvy, and must find meaning in their work. The biggest tensions in the workforce usually happen between the baby boomers and the Millenial generation.

Span touched on the motivators for the different generations and on the different ways they learn new information. He spoke about the differences in training and coaching as well. For example, Millenials require more 1-on-1 coaching and are also more comfortable using virtual learning tools and can find information quickly.

Span engaged the committee in a lively discussion on the specifics of how businesses adapt to generational diversity trends.

To view Span's entire presentation, please click here.

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