Denise Graveline Shares Expertise on Social Media

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February 16, 2012

Denise Graveline discusses social media with the Small Business Committee

Vice-Chair Judy Stephenson, OfficePro called the meeting to order and introduced Denise Graveline from Don’t Get Caught Communications.

Graveline spoke about a number of different growing social media platforms including twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. She discussed the different audiences for all of those social media platforms and how to best address the demographic groups that socialize there. She described how facebook is the largest platform, twitter is the most open, and LinkedIn is the most private of all the social media outlets.

Graveline offered examples and advice for small businesses. She recommended that it was much more important to target certain sites rather than try to use every single one of them. She cited one example of a Wedding photography businesses that does not have a website or any other internet presence other than facebook. This business is extremely successful and is able to interact with all of their past and present clients as well as prospects.

She suggested that small business ask a variety of q questions when looking to develop and internet presence. She suggested not to overdo and pick a base where you will feed the rest of your presence. She suggested for businesses to ask – what can this replace? Where’s my audience? before beginning a social media presence.

Graveline fielded many different questions from members of the committee on the different social media platforms and strategies.


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