Delegation Chair Kaiser Visits the Chamber

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December 13, 2012


Economic Development Vice Chair Bill Robertson welcomed MCCC members and introduced Delegate Anne Kaiser, Chair, Montgomery County Delegation of the Maryland House of Delegates.
Delegate Kaiser spoke about how the structure of the legislature in Annapolis, with few committees for many members, which means that it is sometimes difficult for legislators to specialize. Since legislators balance consideration of so many issues, they rely on citizens like members of the Chamber, to help them advocate for important issues.
As Chair of the Education subcommittee of e Ways & Means committee, she spoke about the role of business preparing an educated workforce. She asked members to help with finding a college or high school intern to help train Montgomery County's students for jobs of the future.
Delegate Kaiser discussed doing something more serious about transportation. Delegate Kaiser explained the need to raise revenues for transportation and how the legislature can act to fund transportation. She understood how important the gas tax would be for State transportation revenues, but support has not been rallied across the state to mobilize legislators. She emphasized looking at creative ways to fund transportation.
Delegate Kaiser also discussed tax credits. It looks like Maryland is coming out of the recession, so now tax credits and new programs may be possible, unless Congress does not resolve the "fiscal cliff". She spoke about support for the biotech and life sciences tax credits. She sees at. Credits as a way of facilitating private sector employment.
She spoke about local bills and enterprise zones in Glenmont and Burtonsville. She also asked members about regulation and regional competitiveness.
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