Dan Hoffman, Montgomery County Chief Innovation Officer

Posted Date: 
June 13, 2013

Dan Hoffman was appointed in October 2012 as Montgomery County’s first Chief Innovation Officer.  He is responsible for a portfolio of projects that build and support a platform for innovation in Montgomery County. He also serves as a consultant and advisor to departments and senior management, and an advocate for front line staff and residents with new ideas.

Dan shared initiatives for a Civic Lab of Innovation that is 1) testable and measurable, 2) scale-able with a positive return-on-investment and 3) is risky. He engages public and private experts to collaborate on innovation for the betterment of the County. Current projects include:

1) Public Safety: Testing wearable cameras for police. Defining ways to reduce released prisoner recidivism. Provide Fire and Rescue with improved navigational systems in their trucks and within structures.

2) Food: Provide "farm to freezer" services. Improve food truck locations and public awareness. Create culinary-shared kitchen spaces. Optimize the Agricultural Reserve as a resource.

3) Open Data Program: Improve the County's online portal for the public dissemination of government information.

4) Maker Space Project:  Enhance and change the library experience as new space for expanded use such as a kid museum, 3-D printer lab, Fab(rication) Lab.

All projects are evaluated by CountyStat, a  results-based accountability system that promotes a culture of "managing for results" for a responsible and accountable county government.


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