Councilmember Rice Talks Economic Development

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November 16, 2012

Legislative Affairs Vice-Chair Josh Bokee introduced the MCCC members and welcomed Councilmember Craig Rice.
Councilmember Rice began his remarks by discussing his background in business, government, and elected office. He went on to discuss the Budget priorities at the County level. He explained that due to year-to-year revolving leadership, it's difficult to have a multi-year vision for Montgomery County.
Rice discussed how vital economic development is to the future success of the County. He spoke about how the opportunities for people who want higher paying jobs is in the private sector not the public sector. He explained how the financial demands on people cannot be sustained through local government jobs. Councilmember Rice explained that he would push to include economic development as a key part to the evolving vision for the County.
Councilmember Rice answered questions about the public school budget, land use and the new subdivision staging policy, and transportation.
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