Councilmember Berliner Stresses Economic Development and Rapid Transit

Posted Date: 
September 16, 2011


Councilmember Berliner answers questions from the Legislative Affairs Committee with Vice Chair Joshua Bokee

Vice Chair Joshua Bokee, Comcast, welcomed Montgomery County Council Vice President Roger Berliner to the Chamber for this morning’s Legislative Affairs Committee meeting. Councilmember Berliner discussed many issues of concern to the business community in the County including tax, regulatory, and infrastructure issues.

Berliner discussed his work on changing the transportation infrastructure in the county by updating and expanding transit services. The Councilmember discussed his vision for “rapid transit” systems in the County, which include dedicated road lanes for Bus Rapid Transit vehicles. He emphasized how transit is important for the County’s economy and quality of life. He looks forward to building off of the plans for the Purple Line and the Corridor Cities Transitway.

Berliner also spent time with the committee on tax and regulatory issues, such as on the County Energy Tax. On regulations, he reiterated his support for a current initiative in the County Council to delay assessment of the County Impact Tax until later in the building process. The Chamber voted to support such legislation this week and commended him for his efforts. Additionally, Berliner highlighted council work on streamlining other permitting issues in order to reduce regulatory burdens on businesses.

Councilmember Berliner fielded questions from Chamber members on many topics, such as the White Flint redevelopment plan, transit, and economic development. He mentioned that the council has been investigating whether they are using the best method to attract new companies to the County and solicited the Chamber’s feedback on the issue. Berliner also spent time looking forward to his role as President of the Montgomery County Council, which he will assume in December.

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