Central Maryland Transportation Alliance Pushes for Additional MARC Service

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November 18, 2011


From left to right: MCCC President & CEO Gigi Godwin, President of the Central Maryland Transportation Alliance Michele Whelley, MCCC Legislative Affairs Committee Vice Chair Joshua Bokee, Comcast.
Vice Chair Joshua Bokee, Comcast, introduced the committee and welcomed Michele Whelley, President of the Central Maryland Transportation Alliance to the meeting.
Whelley introduced the mission of the Central Maryland Transportation Alliance (CMTA). Formed in 2007, the organization is a non-partisan coalition of business, civic and foundation leaders. The CMTA advocates with a singular focus to see the “the creation of a multi-modal system of interconnected highways, rail and other modes of public transportation that connects residents to employment, housing, education, services and life-style amenities throughout the Central Maryland region.”
Whelley discussed both the long-term and short term goals of her organization as well as immediate places where the state could invest to relieve congestion and boost transit ridership. The CMTA’s long term goals include: increased funding for transportation, expansion of public transit, implementing an aggressive transit oriented development (TOD) program, and building support for a connection transit system between the DC/Baltimore region. In the short term, CMTA is seeking to increase efficiency and reliability of current public transportation options including on time performance and access to jobs as well as to expand transit options.
CMTA sees enhancing the MARC system as a simple way to increase ridership on transit and moving goods and services faster. The MARC has room to add service and already stops at major regional arteries. The CMTA studied the system and believes that it should include additional service and to also run on weekends and later in the evening.
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