Casey Anderson Talks Planning Board Issues

Posted Date: 
February 14, 2012


Planning Board Member Casey Anderson and Committee Vice-Chair Gus Bauman discuss planning issues.

Committee Vice-Chair Gus Bauman took attendance and welcomed the committee. He introduced Casey Anderson, a member of the Montgomery County Planning Board.

Casey Anderson led the discussion on current agenda items for the Montgomery County Planning Board. He began by discussing the plans for a County-wide Rapid Transit Vehicle (RTV) system. While praising the intent of the new system, he spoke about how it should not compete or conflict with existing projects already passing through the legislative pipeline like the Purple Line and Corridor Cities Transitway. Anderson called the Purple Line, “the foundation for the transportation network for our County”.

Anderson also touched on issues like staffing at the Department of Park and Planning as well as the zoning ordinance re-write. He fielded questions from members of the committee on these two topics, specifically including issues with the zoning advisory bodies.

He also discussed White Flint and issues with the County Department of Transportation as well as with the office of permits. 


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