2014 Policy Memos

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A vibrant economy is essential to the health and well-being of our state.  Keys to a vibrant economy include: encouraging innovation, attracting and retaining employers and their employees, expanding global trade opportunities, maintaining an effective infrastructure, reducing hidden costs of doing business, retaining and expanding wealth for further investment, and implementing predictable and streamlined processes.

These principles guide the advocacy work of MCCC on behalf of its members and include more specific initiatives in the following areas:

Business Climate

Our members operate in a technology-driven knowledge economy. In order to maximize success, policies must support a competitive business climate. SUCH POLICIES INCLUDE:

  • Support legislation to lower the costs associated with doing business in Maryland.
  • Support legislation to reduce the tax burden on businesses, including lowering the corporate income tax.
  • Support legislation creating strategic tax credit programs for high-tech, cutting edge and high-wage industries the State is looking to attract. 
  • Support increased funding to the Department of Business and Economic Development for:
    • The department’s core function of marketing the State as a place for businesses to locate.
    • Studying ways to recommend improvements to the State’s business environment relative to other States and eliminating unnecessary burdens that interfere with business growth and expansion.
    • Assisting incoming and existing businesses in their efforts as they navigate a complex regulatory and permitting environment.

Specific Initiatives

State Government – Administrative Procedure Act – Effective Date of Adopted Regulations to create regulatory predictability

Small Business Reserve Program - eliminate the sunset provision for inclusive definition of a small business


Education and Workforce

The investment we make today in the education of our young citizens is vital to ensuring a prepared workforce for the future.  MCCC supports legislation that ensures success of our k-12 and post-secondary schools.

  • MCCC supports the request by Montgomery County to increase school construction funding.
    • Increase K-12 School Capacity to address increased enrollment and demographic changes.
  • MCCC supports improving access to higher education, in particular, the expansion of healthcare, bioscience, computational and engineering sciences education programs at the undergraduate, graduate/professional levels to prepare today for the workforce of tomorrow.
    • Universities at Shady Grove (USG)
      • Support the planning of the Biomedical Sciences and Engineering Facility at USG with $6 million for design/planning in the FY’15 capital budget;
      • Support funds to expand academic programs at USG that are important to the growth of the county’s workforce, specifically ACES, transfer access programs and scholarship funds.
    • Montgomery College
      • Support construction funds for a new Student Services Center and for the renovation of Science West both located on the Rockville Campus, which serves approximately 17,000 students.
    • Scholarship support
      • Expand state scholarship programs, particularly for students entering our community colleges and transferring into our universities to insure college completion and job placement in Maryland. 
  • MCCC supports improved and sustained support of Veterans
    • Provide funding to expand programs that support veteran owned small businesses, including but not limited to the MCCCF Veteran Institute for Procurement (VIP) program.

Transportation and Infrastructure

Predictable policies that do not add hidden costs to business are critical factors in promoting a vibrant economy.

  • Support investment in Transportation to promote economic growth and maintain homeland security.
    • Advocate for federal and state funding for the Purple Line and the Corridor Cities Transitway in order to promote economic activity, transit oriented development and congestion relief.
    • Advocate for I-270 widening (including HOT/HOV lane options) in order to support future growth in the State’s high technology corridor.
    • Advocate for funding for the Metro Momentum strategic plan.
    • Invest in initiatives that support the port and airports to seize new business opportunities.
    • Ensure the integrity of the Transportation Trust fund by prohibiting transfers to the general fund, except in extreme emergencies.
    • Explore new and innovative options for investing in transportation that place Montgomery County and Maryland at a comparative advantage in the region.
  • Support investment in basic services
    • Work with WSSC in addressing critical capital needs that impact Montgomery County businesses and residents’ access to clean water, their quality of life, and safety of the community.
  • Support investment in the future
    • Invest in initiatives that continue targeted expansion and enhanced access to broadband capabilities by consumers (personal and tele-work), businesses and government enterprises, which encourage additional private sector investment.


  • Support ensuring access to affordable, clean, renewable sources of energy through the expanded use of current technologies and the development of new green technologies.
  • Support companies to competitively purchase energy to achieve cost savings.
  • Support investments in utility infrastructure to ensure safe and reliable transmission and distribution of electric power and natural gas for businesses and residents.
  • Support reducing the cost of doing business on energy intensive industries by sunsetting the Montgomery County energy tax

MCCC also advocates on behalf of the Veterans Institute of Procurement (VIP) program managed by the MCCC Foundation.

Support of Governor O’Malley’s FY 2015 Operating Budget which includes $150,000 to offer an annual 3-day course for 50 veteran owned businesses.

The Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce (MCCC) endorses legislation and public policy at the local, state and federal levels that promotes economic prosperity and a vibrant economy for Maryland by protecting, enhancing and leveraging our assets today and as we prepare for the future.

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