2013 Maryland General Assembly - Chamber Testimony/Positions/Actions

The 2013 General Assembly Legislative Session was busy and productive. Read our press release and see the list of bills on which we engaged.

2013 Maryland General Assembly - Chamber Testimony/Positions/Actions:

SB8/HB89 - Gas Companies - Rate Regulation - Infrastructure Replacement Surcharge (Support)

SB12 - Labor and Employment - Leave - Deployment of Family Members in the Armed Forces (Support)

SB34/HB261 - Corporate Income Tax - Rate Reduction (Support)

SB51 - Employment Contracts - Noncompetition Covenant - Conditions Affecting Enforcement (Oppose)

SB138 - Build Maryland Tax Credit Act (Support)                          

SB183 - Income Tax - Business and Economic Development - Film Production Activity Tax Credit (Support)

SB203/HB386 - Income Tax Credit - Qualified Research and Development Expenses - Small Business Refund (Support)

SB260/HB74 - Alcoholic Beverages - Consumption of Wine not Bought from License Holder (Support)

SB273/HB225 - Veterans Full Employment Act of 2013 (Support)

SB274/HB228 - Maryland Health Progress Act of 2013 (Support)

SB278 - Maryland Employment Advancement Right Now (EARN) Program (Support)

SB411 - Corporate Income Tax - Rate Reduction (Support)

SB469/HB1246 - Maryland Business Tax Fairness Act (Oppose)

SB482 - Income Tax Credit - Security Clearnaces - Employer Costs (Support with Amendments)

SB538/HB560 - Public Private Partnerships (Support)

SB576/HB1086 - Community Cleanup and Greening Act of 2013 (Support)

SB631/HB815 - Hotel Rental Tax - Exemption - Lodging at a Corporate Training Center (Support)

SB683/HB1204 - Labor and Employment - Maryland Wage and Hour Law - Payment of Wages (Oppose)

SB698/HB735 - Labor and Employment - Maryland Earned Sick and Safe Leave Act (Oppose)

SB707 - Special Taxing Districts - Transportation Improvements and Exemption from County Tax Limitations (Oppose)

SB819/HB1156 - Maryland Contirbutory Negligence Act (Support)

SB830 - Transportation Finacing Act (Support with Amendments)

HB16 - State Government - Administrative Procedure Act - Effective Date of Adopted Regulations (Support)

HB161 - County Property Taxes - Classes of Property - Special Rates and Limits (Oppose)

HB315 - Residential Leases - Rent Stabilization and Just Cause Evictions (Oppose)

HB817 - Property Tax Credit - Retail Service Stations - Alternate Power Sources (Support)

HB1158 - Corporate Income Tax - Main Street Employer Tax Rebate (Oppose)

HB1182 - Courts - Commission to Study Maryland's Fault Allocation System (Support)

HB1206 - Strategic Industry Partnership - Income Tax Credit (Support)

HB1302 - Commission on Tax Policy, Reform, and Fairness (Support)

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